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St. Francis College offers a wide range of physical activities and sports to students from both campuses in the Early Years, Primary and Secondary, both within the P.E. curriculum and during extra-curricular sports activities (ECAs).

Lessons in physical education and sports programmes aim to promote physical, social and emotional development along with critical thinking. It takes into consideration individual pace, progress and background, as well as the group's characteristics, needs and interests. Differentiated activities and cooperative learning opportunities are offered and cultural exchange is stimulated. A safe and inclusive environment is provided, that allows the pupils to experience positive, challenging and enjoyable physical activities while learning about the benefits and importance of exercise.

The extra-curricular sports activities cover a wide range of experiences, increasing as the children progress throughout the years, here are a few examples: sports for kids, multisport, skateboarding, yoga, fencing, judo, capoeira, gymnastics, futsal, volleyball, basketball and more.

For the past couple of years St. Francis College has taken part in various International and Brazilian sports leagues and also competes with other schools in the city.