As part of our focus on excellence, in June we will launch the enhancements to our school uniform by designer and parent Alexandre Herchcovitch. The HUG Association is supporting this project, and we are planning to produce a video with them to present the improved uniforms to the school community.

We have changed the materials and the types of finishes of several of our items, for example a better fit for the skirts. The cut was enhanced in many of the garments. A few new items will also be offered - comfortable ultra-light-weight jackets and vests for greater comfort and mobility, and Early Years and Primary girls will have the option of polo dresses.

The launch takes place at the annual HUG cocktail, at the Pinheiros campus on Wednesday June 13th at 7:30 pm. The video will be launched at that event, sharing the process of enhancement with parents. Mannequins will be on display with the new uniforms, and new uniforms will be on sale at Pinheiros on the following two days, Thursday June 14th and Friday June15th.

Please note that the current uniforms can continue to be used until June 2019!

Click HERE to view the UNIFORM LIST reflecting all the enhancements and new items we shall have.
Clique AQUI para ver a lista de uniforme com as melhorias e os os novos itens que devemos ter.