St. Francis Mission statement

We empower pupils

  • to be passionate lifelong learners.

  • to achieve academic and personal excellence.

  • to be committed to impact the world positively.



IB Mission Statement

The IB develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through education that builds intercultural understanding and respect.


To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.


These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.


Next week for PYP 1 to PYP 8 it's Book Week!


As an IB school, we stimulate students to read, as it encourages them to inquire, imagine and become creative and knowledgeable. Reading allows pupils to visualize their fantasies and to place themselves inside their favourite book.


Next week, from Monday 4th October to Friday 8th October, in EYP we shall celebrate our yearly BOOK WEEK. All year levels, from PYP 1 to 8 take part in this celebration!


This year's theme is "Old worlds, new worlds, other worlds".

Many activities will happen throughout the week. 


Book Exchange encourages pupils to bring a book they would like to give away and take another one home in exchange! On Friday they will have Favourite Book Character Day where children can dress up as their favourite book character and bring a book to go with it! Also on Friday, they will have Book Character Picnic Day where pupils will be allowed to bring a small food item to share with their class. We will have a guest Story Teller for Early Years pupils. In Primary a guest Author will speak to children about his book. The book will be made available for purchase for those interested.



Drama Depts are on the roll!

It is fantastic to see our different divisions back in action ON CAMPUS!  


Our drama departments are back with face to face learning, however, for safety reasons productions themselves will be done through the exploration of different digital means.


The EYP drama dept. will produce an audio visual play. Besides the experience of rehearsing a play, children will be in touch with the audiovisual media and the connections we can create between both languages in a creative process. Our young thespians in Secondary are working on a film production. It's an excellent opportunity for students to work with a different art form as it also allows us to comply with all the safety procedures.



We want this journey to be memorable and meaningful in children's lives. Both ECAs and rehearsals have already started. Secondary play will be held in early December and Primary in early April. 

DP2 Literature - Gothic genre
andthe Victorian era

The DP 2s have worked arduously in creating a website from scratch using Google Sites (thanks for the inspiration Michelle!) to showcase their knowledge on the Gothic genre and the Victorian era, in preparation for their reading of Dracula.​


They have: 

  • conducted careful research, 

  • produced original digital content and 

  • worked on their design skills in creating a wonderful final product to help teach others about this topic. 

Teaching Staff Personal Development Day

Every term our Senior Leadership Team offers our teaching employees a day of Personal Development. On Friday 24th September the first PD of the term was held for both EYP and Secondary teachers. 


The EYP PD day was dedicated to discussing solid assessment practices and putting them into practice. Teachers also participated in an online webinar delivered by a teacher in the US who is an expert in using BrainPOP as an effective tech learning tool in the classroom. Teachers took some time to enhance their unit planners to ensure meaningful inquiry was planned for in their upcoming units. We finished the day with a learner profile reflection, afterall, teachers are lifelong learners too!

Secondary focused on CAS and it's contributions to the Diploma Programme. Staff also worked on MYP's interdisciplinary units. It was an opportunity for collaboration between different departments. Departments also dedicated some time to curricular planning and reflection. 

Staff Personal Development day are as important and vital as the daily routine of teaching.

Baibs Virtual University Fair

Over the holidays,  Mr Rush, St. Francis universities counsellor, worked along other schools from the Brazilian Association of IB Schools (BAIBS) to organise the first annual virtual BAIBS University Fair.


More than 120 universities from 19 countries took part, giving students the opportunity to speak directly with the university representatives that will be reviewing their applications. There were also workshops with expert panelists discussing a number of topics related with career choice and university application procedures. The workshops were offered by  universities from the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. There was also a trivia contest with universities giving away prizes, discounts, and fee waivers. 


Our students from MYP5, DP1, and DP2 were off schedule  for the afternoon and took advantage of this opportunity. We are proud of the reputation that St. Francis has both locally and internationally. The strength of the Brazilian school’s involved allowed BAIBS to attract an impressive number of universities for our students to benefit from. 

Parents' Workshops & Webinars

A series of workshops and coffee mornings are offered to parents throughout the term. As of now they are all online and on varied topics, all of significant relevance. 


We started in September with the importance of Early Literacy for PYP 1 to 3 parents. Parents who read to their children every day and talk about what they are reading promote the joy of reading and help increase children's literacy achievement. This workshop aimed to share with parents some important aspects of this early learning stage in children’s lives, with a highlight on the PYP 2 expectations, as it is the year children start taking home levelled books and require support from parents with their reading. 

Tomorrow we launch our Online Safety Webinar, first inviting parents from PYP 5 to 8 then on 21st October our Early Years (PYP1 to 4) parents. This webinar is designed to teach and empower children to make informed and safe decisions when they are online. This is part of the Online Safety Programme at St Francis College.


In Secondary there were two parent coffees mornings to introduce parents to the two programmes though an Induction to the Middle Years and Diploma Programme. The transition from one IB programme to another, the journey within each programme and how each one is organised was the overall focus of the presentations. 


We do hope parents were able to attend one or several of these sessions. To see upcoming events please see our school calendar and keep an eye out for the regular postings and communications on our school app, email and social media announcements.

The importance of assemblies

Weekly assemblies are a very important practice within our school. It's a "weekly meeting" of teaching staff with pupils to share news, updates and effective practices of the IB practitioners. 


Assemblies are for all year levels, from PYP 1 to DP 2 students. It is during the assemblies that all accomplishments of the week are shared and celebrated. In view of health and safety procedures they are being conducted on-line, but students get to attend them within their classroom bubbles.

Inter-House Competition for PYP 5 to 8

Typically in September we take our PYP 5 to 8 pupils to the Peraltas Camp in the state of São Paulo. Children look forward to this annual trip, as it's a great opportunity to compete for their Houses, bond, have fun and create a real sense for a caring and balanced community.


Given the current travel restrictions, the trip itself was not possible, nevertheless St. Francis was able to reinvent it and held a fun competition on campus. The Inter-House Competition took place at school and consisted of 4 days in a row of many physical and inquiring activities that kept our energetic pupils fighting for their House points. The FINAL results were:


Eagles: 1187 

Falcons: 1161 

Condors: 1152 

Yet the best outcome of the event was the sense of a caring Community that was built. It provoked our students to be together, as balanced risk-takers, facing all the challenges presented to them. 

EYP Student Council & House Captains

Last week in EYP our student council and house captain members were defined. With that, their weekly meetings have kicked off and many great ideas for the term are in the works already. 


Hopefully being back on campus will enable these young students to roll-out more activities throughout the term...having everyone continuously excited about the fun events and continuously striving for House points as the months go by.


EYP Student Council 2021-22:

House Captains 2021-22:

Artboard 1 copy.png



On the 28th August, we welcomed 3 of our own students as well as students from other 14 schools from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. All students wear a face mask at all times, checking temperatures at the gate, and providing a negative COVID-19 test result equivalent to the ones requested of all our students in school on a weekly basis.


The SAT is an important part of the student’s admission process to universities in the US and we are pleased to announce that we are back this term open as an SAT test center to provide more and more students with the opportunity to take the SAT test. Hopefully, we will soon be able to have our normal numbers of seating offerings and welcome even more students into our school.


After an unusual year, with so many unpredictable events around the world, St Francis College started this term open to host the SAT examinations. At the moment, we are adjusting to the new routine and making sure we implement all health protocols, but we managed to offer 30 seats for the August administration and expect to have another 30 students for this coming Saturday, 2nd October.


Chess Competition

We are hoping in the near future to begin our chess club in school.  But in the meantime, our school has been invited to take part in an online chess competition run by Kendall English in Chile.  Any student can take part as long as they understand the rules of chess and can play independently.

  1. Create an account on www.lichess.org - Children can also use this account to play before the competition and learn more about chess.  Please use their school email account for this chess account.  The school will not have access to their account so any issues with the website need to be through Lichess.org

    • Primary A (from 1st. to 2nd. grade) - PYP 4 and PYP 5

    • Primary B (from 3rd. to 4th. grade) - PYP 6 and PYP 7

    • Middle A (from 5th. to 6th. grade) - PYP 8 - MYP 1

    • Middle B (from 7th. to 8th. grade) - MYP 2 - MYP 3

    • Senior A (from 9th. to 10th. grade) - MYP 4 - MYP 5

    • Senior B (from 11th. to 12th. grade) - DP1 - DP2

  2. Dates

    • October 15th - Deadline to fill in the form below

    • November 17th, 4pm - Zoom Meeting - Technical meeting, attendance essential for instructions

    • November 20th, 9:30 until 12:30 - Zoom Meeting - Ceremony and Competition

  3. Click on the banner below and please find the application part of the form below the information - you need to fill this in to confirm participation.  If you are unsure, please email Mr Benzie (Primary Chess to PYP 8) or Mr Torii (Secondary Chess to DP2)


Please Note:

  • St. Francis looks forward to your participation and we hopefully can support students’ chess through our chess club if we are able to start before the competition.  Remember that children will be representing our school and so polite, sportsmanship behaviour online is essential and signing up means being committed to the dates shown above.

  • As you are signing up directly with lichess and then to this competition, we are limited with support that we can provide and sorting out issues that may arise.  Please bear in mind these points above before committing  and be aware of the useful information below for the most direct information and assistance (if you cannot find what you need here, please contact Mr. Benzie or Mr Torri)

    • Here is the blog space where you can keep in touch with the chess competition

We look forward to your participation - so we can keep track of who has signed up and is attending.  Please add your child’s details here once you have finished registration. We look forward to a great year of Chess internally and externally in our St. Francis community!


Immerse Education Essay Competition

Win a full scholarship to the Immerse Summer School in Oxford, Cambridge, London or Online!

The Immerse Education Essay Competition offers students the opportunity to win a 100% scholarship for one of Immerse Education’s award-winning residential or online academic programmes (further information below). In the last round of the Essay competition, there were 10 full scholarship winners and 300 shortlisted partial scholarship winners selected from over 4000 entries.


Students aged 13-18 are required to submit essay responses to a pre-set question relating to their chosen subject and age group. From Medicine, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Creative Writing, English Literature, and many more subjects, there is a category for every area of interest. The competition is a great way to practice your academic writing skills and previous scholarship winners have referenced their success in the Essay Competition on their university application to the world’s top universities. For further guidance and to enter, visit https://www.immerse.education/essay-competition/

(Deadline for entry: 5th January 2022)

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-30 at 09.04.39 (1).jpeg

Upcoming Events & Reminders:

Induction to PYP Workshop



Remember term break is coming up. There will be no school from October 11th to 15h. 


Thursday, 28th October will be Pinktober for all school. Come dress in pink and donate R$5 or more. We are still defining the institution that shall receive the funding we raise, but we shall as always observe the date. The institution the donations More details to come.


Friday, 29th October - Dress-up day both in EYP and Secondary.

More information to come.

Photo Gallery on School App

Remember we have a full time photographer at school! With that, we are enabled to share great pictures of our student's weekly routines, key student's and staff events. Take some time to enjoy them! They are under the "Photos" module of our IsCool app.