DP 2 Leavers Dinner

This past Monday, 3rd June, we held our annual DP 2 Leavers dinner at Cantaloupe Restaurant. DP 2 students, their parents and teachers shared a wonderful meal. The event was an opportunity to thank the parents for choosing St Francis.

This year we have 26 students graduating. Many have already received University offers and are very excited about their next steps.


Graduation itself will be held on the last day of school, 18th June at 11:30 am in the big gym (see announcement below).


Visit our Media Gallery on our website to see more pictures of the Leavers Dinner.

DP 2 Graduation and Prize Giving

PYP 8 Moving Up Ceremony

Thank you Coffee to Class reps & Helping parents

This week we held a thank you coffee for all our outstanding and collaborative parents that have enormously helped us throughout the year. Many of our school social events, drama performances and academic programmes only happen because of these parents that dedicate a significant part of their time and days to help the St. Francis Community and its people.


Primary and Secondary sales of play tickets and tuck shop, the sales of second-hand uniform, and all the ongoing spreading of communication is just a few examples of how parents have contributed to our school and to our students experiences and development.


A coffee to say "thank you" is just a small token of our immense appreciation for all the dedication and hard work.


See more pictures of the event in our Media Gallery on our website!

Secondary Inter-house Peraltas Trip

This year we have transformed our sports day into a three-day inter-house trip held from Monday through Wednesday at Peraltas.

The goal is for the students not only to have fun but it's their last sport opportunity to add points to their House team, as well as enjoy great outdoor activities, bond and commemorate the end of another academic year.


Despite a bit of rain, most activities took place and the students had a fantastic time. Thank you to the PE Department for organising this opportunity for the students.

Secondary Sports Inter-house results :
Condors 1st place 307 points
EAGLES and FALCONS 2nd place with 270 points each

HUG (Help Us Grow) Cocktail next week

Is it that time of the year again?

What do we wait for the entire year here at St Francis College? What involves the Secondary student's hard work, staff, photographer, designer and the entire community? Look below....it's the Yearbook!

This year's edition is soon coming hot out of the oven! We would like to thank all the companies, parents and partners that supported the printing of our Yearbook 2018-2019. We were able to reach our goal, and will be able to provide a copy of the book to each pupil, staff member,Work Shadowing programme partners and contributing companies. That is absolutely fantastic!

The book is being printed right now as you read this article.! They will be distributed on July 17th. 

How will it be? What can it be? Really...?!

Tots & Teens Vacation Programme

Primary Student Council wrapping up the year!

Our Primary Student Council supported and helped many different people and groups, both within and outside our community this past academic year.

Last week they paid one more visit to the elderly at the Ondina Lobos rest home. They played dolls with some of the residents and colouring and playing domino was also part of the afternoon. They also took snacks which they enjoyed sharing with the elderly.

Overall working and helping the elderly has been a very valuable experience for our young representatives, to connect, help people in need and make a difference!

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