Wishing Everyone a Relaxing Holiday!

"We come to the end of another exciting year with everyone in the same campus. This has been a great change with all the advantages of being all together. As always we have had many successes and our DP students leave us well prepared for the future. Many thanks to pupils, parents teachers, bedéis, nurses kitchen staff, porters, maintenance and cleaning staff, to our community and HUG.

Wishing you all a relaxing holiday."


Shirley Hazell - School Principal

Graduations, Transitions and Prize Giving

Every end of the year is busy for us, with many different events to celebrate passages, accomplishments and transitions.


On Monday, we held the PYP 8 Moving Up Ceremony, which is when our PYP 8 students graduate from Primary years and officially move onto to the Secondary. We have 52 of pupils this year that graduated and the morning was full of touching speeches and touching for all staff and families involved.

On Tuesday morning we celebrated the Secondary Prize Giving.  We recognised the effort and attainment of students in the Secondary. Awards for effort and attainment prizes were given. Congratulations to all.

We also said goodbye to the Graduating Class of 2019. This year 26 students have reached the end of this part of their education, and are now ready to face new and exciting challenges. We congratulate all for reaching this milestone and wish them well in their future. Throughout the year we have been sharing with you the exciting university offers, our students have received, and we know that whether, in the USA, or the UK, Spain or Brazil, our students will go on to be successful in their lives


We are very proud of this group of students, and we expect they feel the same pride of having been part of this community, and wish that when they look back at their St. Francis years, they do so fondly.

PYP 8 Visit Secondary

We held our yearly "PYP 8 Welcome to Secondary Day", and as always it was a great experience for our young pupils who are soon leaving Primary. Several MYP 4 and MYP 1 students acted as their guides throughout their visit, showing them around the buildings and classrooms in the form of a scavenger hunt! Many activities were held for the PYPs to experience a bit of what life in Secondary is really like.


All students went to a Design class where they had to develop analytical, functional and critical-thinking skills. These skills are used to design and develop products that have a real-world application and help solve a problem. Projects can include web design, fashion, interior design, packaging, marketing and branding to name but a few. The focus was on architecture and students learned about how trusses are used in construction. Trusses are triangular shaped beams or lengths of timber used to assemble grand structures and can be found in almost every construction project. Students in PYP 8 used marshmallows and spaghetti in an "edible construction" challenge where they used what they had learned about trusses to build a tall, yet stable tower capable of standing on its own. A unique variety of designs were presented, with students commenting on how much fun they had whilst also learning a lot about construction.


Another class some students attended was with the Science department. In Science, students had the opportunity to investigate different methods we use to observe materials and organisms. They initially used microscopes to study and draw different structures on a cellular scale. They then used flame tests to see how we can identify the different elements in solutions. A great introduction to the Science labs!


Whilst in their taster of a Secondary English class, communication skills were explored in a way that students were not expecting as it involved their oral and descriptive skills in a creative way. Partners had to describe, in a concise and exact detail, a picture in front of them which they could not show to their partner who had to draw, without questioning, exactly what was described to them. Some very interesting results were produced whilst developing these key communication skills.


PYP 8 experiencing a day in Secondary is a great and valuable experience for them before they actually go through this transition the next academic year. We do think all students enjoyed it and we thank the staff that made it happen!

If you want to see more pictures of all of these End of Year events visit our Media Gallery on our school's website.

Festa Junina

Last Friday, 14th June, we held our yearly Festa Junina celebration for Early Years and Primary. Our young students all came to school dressed in their beautiful picturesque costumes. Traditional dances occurred in the big gym and parents and families came to watch their loved ones perform. After the dances, many Festa Junina activities took place throughout our campus...games, storytelling and more were part of this celebration.


If you want to see more pictures visit our Media Gallery on our school's website.

HUG (Help Us Grow) Cocktail

On Thursday, 13th May, HUG organised its annual cocktail.


Over 120 parents and staff enjoyed a Festa Junina themed party on the rooftop of the new building. A live band played forró music while guests enjoyed delicious food and drinks.


The evening was an opportunity to celebrate the way HUG has supported the school community this academic year - from helping school plays, organising a football camp, placing students in work experience roles, offering food at tuck shops and hosting workshops for parents and staff throughout the year.


The association also held its AGM last week which approved the activities and accounts of the last year, and the budget for the coming year.


Thank you HUG for the support this past year!

PYP 5 to 8 Fun Afternoon

One of the many end of year activities was the Fun Afternoon held for our upper Primary students and organised by the Student Council. On Monday, 10th June our PYP 5 to PYP 8 students partook in many entertaining and exciting activities after school.

Football, Escape Room, Movie, Quiz with Pie in Face, PE Games, Mystery Box, Spinner Art, Tribes Games, Face Painting and Science Experiments were the many fun activities held throughout campus. Many parents helped to conduct these activities and we thank them all very much for the participation and support. Pupils had a blast!

St. Francis MUN Delegation took a huge leap towards the future

MUN is an ECA that focuses on teaching students about diplomacy and international relations. It helps them become critical thinkers and approach solutions to world issues in a creative and sensitive way.  St. Francis MUN Programme was first established back in 2011. Since then the MUN ECA has been run by Ms. Machado and the leadership of DP 1 and DP 2 students. Throughout all these years our MUN Delegation had the opportunity to attend conferences in Chile, Argentina, England and a number of local and regional conferences in Bahia, Brasília and São Paulo.


This year the MUN delegation was led by the DP 1 students: Lara Dantas, Maria Fernanda Mello e Silva, and José Alvaro Santos. They have taken on the biggest challenge yet: organising St. Francis' first external conference!  


This conference was held on June 8th. More than 60 delegates were involved. Our students were joined by the delegations from St. Paul's and St. Nicholas. The St. Francis delegates worked hard to make this MUN conference a great success. This is an important milestone for our school and we look forward to seeing our MUN model grow.

Secondary End of Year Assembly

Secondary held their End of Year Assembly last Wednesday. As a school, we reflected on the challenges, excitement and trepidation that closing cycles might provoke. Learner profile certificates were also awarded. Congratulations to all.


During the assembly, a short video encapsulating the most memorable moments throughout this term was shown. See it in our Media Gallery on our website!

CAS Fair & CAS Awards

Last week we also held two different events for our CAS students.

The CAS Awards was an informal recognition of all the great work CAS students do across the year. The top awards went to the CAS Leaders - Sofia Sousa Neves and Maria Fernanda de Mello e Silva.

DP 1 students also prepared a CAS Fair for the MYP 5 students. The aim of the CAS fair is to introduce the new diploma students to the CAS activities they can join. MYP 5 students have been working in preparing their CV and after learning about the different opportunities are encouraged to leave their CV and applied to be considered to join these activities. For the MYP 5, this is their first activity as DP students, and for the DP students, it was an opportunity to show how much they have learnt and share their experiences with their peers.

SATs in Primary

Last week many of our Primary students took the Standard Assessment Tests from the UK.


SATs (UK) are an indicator of the progress a child has made at school so far. They are not a measure of whether a child is passing or failing; they simply show what level a pupil is currently working towards.


PYP 8 pupils took these tests in English reading comprehension, grammar, punctuation, spelling, mathematical reasoning, and arithmetic.


They will be sent away for external marking and results should be received by the school by the beginning of the next Academic Year (August 2019). Families will receive a report stating their child’s:

  • Raw score – simply, the actual number of marks they received in their SATs

  • Scaled score – a conversion score that allows results to be compared year-on-year

  • Expected standard – whether or not they have achieved the national standard

Thank you to staff for running the exams and well done students for all the hard work.

PJ Day in Primary and Ice Cream Party for House Captains and Student Council

Last 14th of June our Early Years and Primary students had yet another fun end of year event, our annual PJ day. Comfy pjs, funny ones...cute ones, fluffy ones...yes, an entire array of pyjamas were seen on campus. Slippers and cuddly toys were also part of this fun day…


Kids got to have a laugh and walk around school as if they just rolled out of bed, movies and popcorn were also part of the day!


We also took the opportunity to thank the House Captains and the Student Council for all their hard work. Many of our events during the year were only made possible by these groups of students and their continuous dedication in improving our events, activities, both at school and outside. Organising Easter Egg Hunt, Fun days, Elderly home and playtime games are just a few examples of the activities these groups support us with. An ice cream party was our way of giving them this extra THANK YOU!

2018/2019 Yearbook has been distributed!

Yearbooks have been published and were distributed to all students. Thanks to all the great support we received both from families and advertisers, we were able to give one book per pupil.


The 2018/2019 Yearbook is yet another fantastic publication reflecting all the best moments, events and year level groups at St. Francis College. Students were thrilled to receive them...many walking up and down the corridors getting friends and staff autographs…


We hope you enjoy it!