Welcome back to St. Francis College

Welcome back to all our parents and new parents joining us.


After a long and restful holiday we are all back at full speed into our different positions. Staff have had two weeks prior to the first day for  pupils preparing for the new year, including a bonding day in Itatiba which was a great success and brought all our teachers together. 


We have looked at our mission statement and set school goals to achieve this year. One of the school goals for this year is community building, making the school a real and bonding community amongst staff.


Our next big goal is the overall improvement of speaking English at all times within the school grounds allowing our pupils to achieve total fluency and excellence of the language. A tall order which needs to be worked on by all parties.


Recycling  is our other goal for the school and this one will need great effort and organisation from all sides. We would like the school community to become aware and contribute towards the importance of recycling in the world. This way we will improve our contributions to make the world a better place to live in.


I would also like to mention a few things that I spoke about on the introductory meetings for parents which are essential for the smooth running of the school.


Absences and arriving on time: Children should only be absent due to illness and all social events should not take place during school time. Leaving early for party or for a trip on a Friday is not acceptable and it sends a wrong message to our young students. Not coming back on the first day after a holiday also sends the same message. These are important issues that will teach our pupils a better understanding of the world, respect and give them a good sense of responsibility. Arriving on time to their lessons and classroom is essential.


Children should be in their classrooms (8:00am Early Years and Primary and 8:10am in Secondary). For this to happen your children should be walking through the gate 10 minutes earlier  to allow for them to greet their friends and get ready for lessons. All teachers are in the rooms 15 minutes earlier to the beginning times. This allows for a smooth start to the school day.  


School uniform: As from this term, the new enhanced uniform is to be worn. Students need to be proud of the uniform they wear, it is what they use 5 days a week! We celebrate learning every day and dress is part of this celebration!

We must ensure the children are giving their very best at all times.

If we are to achieve our mission statement of empowering our children to become passionate lifelong learners, achieve academic and personal excellence and be committed to impact the world positively, it is extremely important that we all remember what the school and the community should be working towards. The school provides most of these tools for this to happen but it really needs the effort of the whole community.


I am sure that this is what we all want, parents teachers and children  but we need to be aware and prepared to give of our best at all times if we are going to make a difference.


Shirley Hazell - School Principal

St. Francis College ALUMNI event this Saturday!

HUG is excited to be organising the 2nd St. Francis Alumni event this Saturday, 17th August from 12:00 to 4:00pm. Following the success of last year's event, we look forward to welcoming alumni students from 2003 to the class of 2019!


Alumni will have the opportunity to network with one another, catch up with old friends and participate in games organised by the PE department. We are very grateful for the support of the restaurant A Chapa who will provide catering for the event. If you are an alumni and would like to participate, please RSVP HERE


If you have already signed up, please encourage as many of your alumni contacts to join - the more the merrier!

Early Years & Primary Parent Coffee 

Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA TRIP

The ISCA three week summer programme the UK was an amazing experience for the 22 MYP 2 students that took part. From the 7th to the 29th of July they visited many  historic and modern sites in England and met many students from other countries. They took part in a range of sports and activities, such as: cricket, ultimate frisbee, football, swimming, volleyball, and drama.


This was a great opportunity to enrich their knowledge of the UK and  have experiences with new friends, food and culture.

These trips allow the children to have experiences out of the classroom that will remain in their memories  forever.. Pictures and statements from the participants demonstrate how they enjoyed and valued this opportunity. 

Click here to read more about ISCA.

Spanish Immersion Trip

Our second edition of the Spanish Immersion trip has been a success and proof of it is the collection of wonderful memories and experiences our students brought back with them. Over these days abroad, they had the chance to explore two cities (Madrid and Valencia), improve their language skills and get to know international and local students. Don't miss the chance to participate in the immersion courses the near future, they are life changing! 

Introducing New Staff at St. Francis

At every start of the year we have many staff hires here at St Francis College. In every Bulletin we shall introduce a new member of our staff. This week meet:


Nichola de Montaigne

I am British, however I was born in Saudi Arabia and grew up in Portugal. I attended boarding school and university in the UK, which is where I realised I was not as British as I had thought I was! My truly international background has been shaped through extensive travel throughout my life, and where I thrived off the treasures of discovering different cultures! 

Being a global citizen is something that was instilled in me from a young age through different circumstances, both educational and personal.

I am an IB graduate myself and my father, Headmaster at a British school in Portugal, was the first person to take the IB programme to a school there. Despite the IB programme, and a lot in education evolving since then, learning through the IB programme and the professional road I have chosen, has definitely influenced my perspective on what it is to be a learner, not in the traditional sense, but in the sense of what it is to be a true lifelong learner. 


Passionate about children, I completed a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and began working with children with a diversity of social, emotional and educational needs.  I continued my work with children who were facing different challenges in various settings in the UK, Portugal and the Philippines. I went on to complete an Advanced Diploma in Mental Health and Distress, as well as a Certificate in Teaching Children with Dyslexia and had my work published in the UK. I re-discovered the IB programme through supporting children in educational settings and was quickly influenced to become a classroom teacher. I completed my PGCE with Sunderland University through the IB Primary Years Programme, and gained a solid understanding of the unique elements of the PYP framework. I worked in an international school in Portugal before completing my Masters in International Education (Leadership and Management) in an International IB school in Suzhou, China. 


I have had the pleasure of having teaching experiences across all  grade levels (Early Years to PYP8) in the PYP and have developed my experience through a variety of roles within the IB international world. 


It is with great pleasure that I am here with my husband and three children and we very much look forward to continuing our journey with you at St. Francis College.

Love, Love Me Do!

Rehearsals for this year’s musical production, “Love, Love Me Do” begin this Saturday (17/08) with a talented group of student performers from upper and lower secondary, acting, singing and playing in the band. The piece is an original romantic comedy in the style of “Mama Mia”, paying tribute to the Beatles, based on the plot-line of Shakespeare’s, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.


In the story, a young woman, Hermia, is in love with Lysander, but her father is forcing her to marry Demetrius, who is actually loved by another young woman, Helena. On a midsummer night, Hermia and Lysander run away to the nearby forest to escape her father’s will. Demetrius follows, chasing Hermia, and Helena follows, chasing Demetrius. On the same night a troupe of amateur actors also venture into the forest to rehearse a play for the King’s wedding night. In the forest, all of them come unwittingly and unknowingly into the midst of a terrible argument between the King and the Queen of the fairies, causing hilarious complications and confusion!


The students will rehearse throughout the first semester and perform in the first week of December (4th, 5th and 6th).


 Stay tuned for more updates. “Love, Love Me Do” is going to be a hit!

Climbing Wall

St. Francis Early Years and Primary Climbing wall is ready to be used during break and lunchtime.


We have installed a horizontal climbing wall  where children will face the challenges of moving sideways using different resin holds to climb.


It is safer and does not require the use of equipment. The P.E. team and other  staff who will be supervising break and lunchtimes have been trained by a specialist  to ensure child safety.

House T-Shirts 

HAWK SHOP taking pre-orders!

Our Secondary students that run the Hawk Shop shall take pre-orders of those that need to buy House shirts as of next week. The shop will open every morning from 7:45 to 8:005am.

Shop accepts cash and checks only. Each shirt is R$30.

Once supplier delivers the shirts, we shall communicate to all, and they can be retrieved at the Hawk Shop itself.


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