St. Francis College Alumni Event

On Saturday 17th August, the second St. Francis Alumni event took place. HUG kindly sponsored the event which is now a permanent fixture in the school's calendar. As well as having the opportunity to catch up over delicious hamburgers supplied by A Chapa, St. Francis Alumni played a volleyball game with members of staff.

Creating an engaged, supportive alumni network is crucial for a school and HUG is happy to support this important endeavour. Luis Dotta, who graduated in 2016, kindly offered to become part of HUG and be the representative for the Alumni on the HUG committee. Hopefully, this will encourage better communication and participation of our former students.

Wings Board

This year, in our first Early Years and Primary assemblies we read the book “The Almost Impossible Thing” by Basak Agaoglu. We discussed the importance of listening to our dreams and working hard to achieve them. After the assemblies, every child received a feather to write their dreams on and decorate. The composition of these feathers made two big wings, representing our ability to fly and achieve our dreams. Stop by our board and look at our dreams and take a photo with our big wings!

Parents Coffee Mornings and Student's Goal Setting Meetings

Last week, we had our Early Years and Primary Parent Coffee where our Leadership team greeted new parents and reviewed procedures, expectations and events for the first term. Secondary also held a welcome back coffee for parents and reviewed the use of Managebac.


Secondary already conducted their Goal Setting Meetings on Tuesday 27th August and next Tuesday 3rd September Early Years and Primary will have theirs. Parents, along with their children and teachers set the objectives they aim to achieve in the coming year. 

Introducing New Staff at St. Francis

At every start of the year, we have new members of staff joining St. Francis College.  This week meet:


Christine Sonmez

My name is Chris I am from the UK, divorced with 2 adult daughters - one is an elementary teacher in Dubai and the youngest lives in London and works in Fashion PR. I have been teaching for over 20 years, I previously worked in the advertising and travel industries as a graphic designer. I have worked in France, Germany, Holland and Belgium and lived in Vienna Austria, Turkey, South Korea and Macau.

I graduated from university in Textile design but have been teaching across a range of disciplines; Many of the students I have taught have gone on to study Architecture, Fashion, Textiles, Jewellery, Fine Art, Graphics, Animation, Games Design, Illustration, Film and Photography at Universities in the UK, Europe, Australia and the US. I am especially interested in working with sculptural elements and mixed media. I love teaching and working with young people and traveling and have visited over 40 different countries worldwide. I am very interested in exploring different cultures and ways of living and would really like to do an anthropology/print making degree (if I could spare the time). I enjoy yoga, swimming, walking, visiting galleries, drawing and making things, the theatre, cinema and old buildings, exhibitions and markets. I enjoy many different genres of music, especially contemporary jazz and eating middle Eastern food in the sunshine! This first month I have been to see the amazing Solgardo exhibition at CESC and to the architecture and textiles exhibitions at Japan House and have been out walking in Vila Madalena and Pinheiros taking photographs of some of the incredible street art you have here in Sao Paulo. I am really excited about my first month teaching at St. Francis and living in São Paulo and exploring Brazil and all the new challenges and opportunities offered to me. I look forward to trying to learn Portuguese remembering everyone's names as soon as I can!

Community Action August - 2019

Last year, the Primary Student Council raised over R$2.000,00 running events and bake sales to buy items for the Ondina Lobo Elderly Home. We were able to donate deodorants, powdered milk, disinfectant and different types of juices. Well done Primary Student Council! 


This year there will be more action and events organised by the new Student Council! Stay tuned for the next Bulletin.

As part of the PYP Exhibition 2018-2019, one of the groups inquired into World Hunger and collected food donations for an NGO - Legião da Boa Vontade. They were able to donate almost 50Kg of food. Well done to our young action makers!

Secondary Science

Students in Science have been actively working on their practical and investigatory skills already this year. Students in MYP 5 have been working on understanding the law of conservation of mass as part of their unit on stoichiometry for the Triple Science IGCSE. Chemistry DP 1 students have been learning how to complete titrations, a key practical skill across all units and finally our MYP 3 students have been looking at the various ways heat is transfered in their Thermal Physics unit.

Early Years & Primary Dismissal Areas

Please pick up children ONLY from the designated dismissal areas. Please DO NOT take them from the line when they are going from their classroom to the dismissal area. It makes it VERY difficult for a teacher to keep track of children and you all surely agree that checking that the child is going with the right person is a big responsibility for class teachers. Your cooperation is expected and appreciated. As of last week we roped off areas for parents to wait for children. See below:

Please remember too that dashboard cards are necessary for car pick up (Yellow for those picking up at 15:00, Green for 15:30 and Red for 15:45).

House T-shirts sold at the Hawk Shop

The student-run Hawk Shop is selling House shirts. The shop is open every morning from 7:45 to 8:05 and in the afternoon from 15:45 to 16:05 pm. House shirts will continue to be sold until September 10th.

The Hawk Shop accepts cash and checks only. Each shirt is R$30.


Be sure you have your shirts ready for Peraltas.

Welcome Back Display Boards Early Years and Primary

Early Years and Primary continues to celebrate the beginning of the academic year through a series of display panels welcoming our students back to school. Here is a selection of some of those panels.

PYP 8 Bake Sale

Last week our PYP 8 pupils held a Friday bake sale for all school. As always many yummy goodies were available...cupcakes, brigadeiros, cakes and more.

The goal of the Bake Sale was to raise money for:


Student Council - this year they shall again choose an institution to help and support throughout the year to come. Last year they helped the elderly home called Ondina Lobo (see article above on this matter). This year the Student Council may help the elderly home again, or any other group in need of support.

PYP 8 - Exhibition Action Project - money raised at Bake Sale shall also help our PYP 8 pupils to enhance and execute their projects. The funding allows them to purchase materials, props and invest in research of the topic they have chosen.


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