University Visits

We had a very busy beginning of term with many universities visiting to speak to our DP students. Just in August, we have received eight universities from three countries. The universities that came to speak with our students are ESPM, FGV, FIA, Columbia University, Yale University, Princeton University, and the University of British Columbia.

Upper Secondary students: be sure to pay attention to our career board! There will be many more visiting universities throughout the semester!


PYP Workshop for Parents

Inviting parents into workshops is a natural way we can support the community in understanding more about the Primary Years Programme and the IB continuum which, goes beyond the earlier stages of our learning community at St. Francis. This particular workshop, PYP Introductory Parents' Workshop, was a chance to provoke thinking beyond the PYP through the question "what do you want your child to be like when he/she leaves school?".  As parents arrived, they responded to this question on sticky notes, using words such as "kind", "brave", "happy", "open-minded" and "resilient". 


None of the words parents carefully chose were stand-alone academic skills but broader attributes that go beyond academic success. These attributes connected to what the IB refers to as the Learner Profile (inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective) and what the IB highlights as being their mission statement in action. 


Based on our community's mission, we explored the importance of having the holistic, transdisciplinary, inquiry-based and concept-driven curriculum the PYP offers. We highlighted key points as to why this approach is important in today's world. To illustrate what our curriculum looks like in action, we used the inquiry cycle, using snap-shots of our students engaged at different stages of inquiry across the different learning areas, from the Early years to PYP8, from the initial stages of "tuning-in" to "taking action". 


The workshop was an opportunity for the St. Francis parent community to ask questions, build relationships and we look forward to our continued partnership in their children's learning.

Primary Play

Our young thespians are beginning to improvise the themes of our new Primary Play Production: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Discussions about greed, appearance, and kindness are some of the topics that are present in their scenes. Initial body warm-ups and singing practice have also started. 

We are all very excited about this new “YUMMY” process and what it will entail.

MYP 1 Pastoral Trip

Last week, MYP 1 traveled to Rancho Paumar in Itatiba for their pastoral trip. This trip was a great experience for MYP 1 students to settle in, establish trust and a sense of belonging and team building with their peers and tutors. They worked together throughout many activities and even had a talent show! A great time was had by all! 

First day at Peraltas

It's been a very fun and activity-filled first day at Peraltas! The weather is VERY HOT for sure but all children seem to be enjoying themselves a lot (with lots of sunscreen, caps, water...). 


After the bus ride there, students arrived at Peraltas with time to unpack and settle into rooms and get acquainted with their surroundings. Once again, returning pupils took small mixed aged groups around the camp and showed new comers where everything was. After that, teachers met with their groups to come up with essential agreements for their three days there. Class groups discussed sportsmanship, community, being kind and respectful and remembering to speak English! 

At lunchtime all children ate well. After lunch children went back to rooms to get ready for a busy afternoon of competitions. They all applied lots and lots of sunscreen and then met in their houses to get ready for this afternoon's events.  


After practicing their house cheers, the house competitions started off with PYP 7 and 8 playing football (with a water truck spray at the end) and participating in swimming races for the very first time ever in Peraltas. PYP 5 played totem ball and mixed gym games (in the shade) and PYP 6 played globe dodgeball and gym games too. It was a very active afternoon with children drinking lots and lots of water to keep cool and keep their energy up! 


After all that, children were able to enjoy some refreshing time in the pool and headed to their rooms to take a shower and get ready for the Dress up as a Food themed dinner. 

After dinner the plan was as follows: 

- PYP 5 got together to play board games, mount puzzles and do some artwork, winding down for the evening. 

- PYP 6 enjoyed some star gazing and sang by the campfire. 

- PYP 7 sang Karaoke and played board games. 

- PYP 8 went to the observatory to see the stars and planets!


After all that, all groups headed into the bedrooms after a light evening snack. 


House points for the competitions are as follows: 

Condors -  222

Eagles - 204

Falcons - 201

Stay tuned! More news yet to come!

Secondary Student Council Elections

Below are the Election Results for the 2019 Student Council. Congratulations to all candidates and well done to the elected officials!


President - Sofía Rey

Vice-President - Rafael de Góes

Treasurer - Lucas Camargo

Secretary - Maria Laura Garcia


DP 1 Reps: Maria Heloisa Scanavini & Henrique Goncalves

MYP 5 Reps: João Vieira & João Guilherme Henriques

MYP 4 Reps: Stella Cunha & Ricardo Bastos

MYP 3 Reps: Beatriz Saliba & Sophia Cintra

MYP 2 Reps: Greta Zarvos & Shafeeq Sherifudheen

MYP 1 Reps: Fernando Lorenzini & Marianna Ensina

Early Years and Primary Art of the Month

Early Years Art of the Month

As part of their unit of inquiry PYP 2 has been exploring different types of movement in order to develop painting techniques on a large scale. These movements involved dripping and stamping paint as well as using a roller on a broomstick to experience the sense of making marks in and around the painting. The dripping techniques were inspired by the artwork of the Abstract Expressionist painter Jackson Pollock.

PYP 2 Beta

PYP 2 Omega

Primary Art of the Month

PYP 7 Blood Cells – Observing Blood Cells

Unit 1 - Central Idea - Understanding body systems can influence lifestyle choices.


As part of their unit of inquiry, PYP 7 is inquiring into how body systems function. Apart from observing larger organs and mapping out body systems students also looked at cells. As many types of blood cells are complex and intricate, students were asked to consider describing these cells using watercolor and mixed media techniques. Manuela, Lucas, Felipe and Miguel were very careful to include the patterns that certain cells can form as well as consider the contrasting colours and shapes that each of the cells are composed of.

Red Cells by Lucas Jacob and Felipe Chaves

PYP 7 Sigma – dyed rice and pasta on paper

PYP 2 Sigma

Purple Cells by Miguel Camargo

PYP 7 Omega – dyed rice on paper

Blue Cells by Manuela Scopel Lemos

PYP 7 Beta – watercolor on tracing paper

MYP 3 English

MYP3 are currently working on their Short Stories Unit. They were set a creative task to choose one of the stories read so far and from this create an informative poster highlighting one key literary aspect which they have learned. The poster was to show how this aspect is represented in that story. They were filmed presenting their posters to their classmates. They were tasked with explaining their learning and also to reflect upon how they worked together as this was a joint task.

7 de Setembro - Brazilian Independence Day Assembly

Na última quinta-feira (05), os alunos do PYP 8 fizeram uma linda apresentação sobre o tema independência. O trabalho foi resultado de uma investigação sobre os diferentes recursos e estratégias que utilizam para realizar, com autonomia, as suas tarefas acadêmicas e do dia a dia. Nesta oportunidade, os alunos do PYP 6 enriqueceram a assembly, declamando um cordel em comemoração à independência do Brasil.

Introducing New Staff at St. Francis

At every start of the year, we have new members of staff joining St. Francis College. This week meet:

Deborah Jungman

My name is Deborah and I have recently started working at St. Francis! I’m from São Paulo, although I have lived in three other countries before: United States (more specifically in Alaska!), France and England. Traveling and getting to know other cultures and other people is one of my passions, and these experiences have helped me shape into the person and the professional I am now.

I studied Psychology at PUC-SP, and I have worked in schools and with education since the beginning of my graduate studies. My first experience working in an IB school was at St. Nicholas School, where I worked with different age groups and managed to study and understand the wonders of PYP and the IB.

In order to deepen my studies in education, children’s development and psychology, I did my Master’s degree in Psychoanalysis at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, in London. While doing my Master’s, I also worked as a class teacher in a nursery, which was a very enriching experience.

I returned to Brazil in April and started working at St. Francis College this school year in the Individual Support Programme Department  – ISP. I’m super excited and thrilled to be a part of this amazing community!


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