Book Week at St. Francis College

St. Francis College Library is pleased to announce that our yearly BOOK WEEK CELEBRATION is coming up VERY soon!

From the 30th of September through to the 4th of October the Early Years and Primary will be engaged in many exciting and stimulating activities related to books and reading.


Among these activities, one of them is that parents can book a slot with their child's class teacher, to come and read to their child's class. Children will be encouraged to participate in the bookmark competition and our famous BOOK BUCK activity will be also taking place. 

So start clearing up your bookshelves now!


Come and take part in the BOOK BUCK activity!  All you have to do is bring a book that you do not want anymore and exchange it for another one. If you don't immediately find something to your liking, you will receive a BOOK BUCK DOLLAR, which you keep and can return another day to find something else!



MYP 5 Portuguese

Os alunos do MYP 5 se inspiraram em Mariana do Alcoforado para escrever, no português contemporâneo, cartas de amor com características do Barroco como o exagero na expressão dos sentimentos, pessimismo e contraste de ideias.

PYP 7 Bake Sale

PYP 6 Portuguese - Cordel

Durante a primeira unidade, o PYP 6 investigou o conceito de cultura e como seus elementos influenciam a nossa identidade. Nas aulas de Português, os alunos aprenderam sobre a literatura de cordel, identificaram-na como parte da cultura de nosso país e compreenderam a sua grande importância literária. Para enriquecer a investigação e ampliar o repertório dos alunos, nossos bedéis, Josué e Pedrina, compartilharam suas vivências com as crianças, com muito entusiasmo e sabedoria. Josué leu cordéis que aprendeu com sua família em Pernambuco. Pedrina falou sobre a cultura nordestina, ressaltando a importância da Festa Junina. O encontro foi uma grande oportunidade de aprendizado para todos.


‘’O cordel é diferente

  Do repente improvisado 

  O cordel é sempre escrito

  Em folheto e declamado 

  O repente é improviso 

  Sem ter nada decorado.’’


A estrofe acima faz parte do livro "Vida rima com Cordel" (César Obeid - Editora Salesiana)

Interscholastic Sports League Futsal Festival

From 16th to 18th September, for the 6th consecutive year, St. Francis College hosted a futsal festival as part of the ISL Interscholastic Sports League(ISL) St. Nicholas, St. Paul's and the British College of Brazil joined us. We had four of our teams playing: U9 boys, U10 boys, U11 boys and U11 girls. Children from all schools enjoyed playing futsal and had a great time!

Boys U9

Boys U11

Boys U10

Girls U11

Book Donations by Alumni

Some of our St. Francis Class of 2019 Alumni have donated books to our library. This has been a tradition that has been passed down throughout the years and we kindly thank them for their generous contribution to our school. 


O Dia em que a minha vida mudou by Keka Reis

Extremely loud & incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer

Minha vida sem banho by Bernardo Ajzenberg

A mágica da arrumação by Marie Kondo

Paper Towns by John Green

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Hawk Shop

Our Hawk Shop has started the year with a bang! They're working on new products to offer all the St. Francis community! Stay tuned for more news by following them on instagram:


There you can find the latest products, store hours and hawk shop events!

Introducing New Staff at St. Francis

At every start of the year, we have new members of staff joining St. Francis College. This week meet:

Gavin Hall

Gavin is pleased to join St. Francis as a PYP 6 Omega teacher! Gavin's teaching experience includes four years with Tsai Hsing private school in Taipei, Taiwan and two additional years at Hess International before that. Gavin has also taught at Lampson Elementary in the United States in Orange County, California. In his spare time, Gavin enjoys surfing, practicing yoga, learning new languages (like Portuguese!) and exploring Sao Paulo. 

Bia Bulcão

Bia Bulcão is a St. Francis alumni and has just returned from the XVIII Pan American Games which were held in Lima from July 26–August 11. This has been her third experience representing Brazil in the fencing championship and where she took home the bronze medal in the women's individual foil. Her main objective now is to work hard and focus on international competitions so that she may also represent Brazil at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Congratulations Bia! We're very proud of you!

photo by Washington Alves / COB

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