MYP 2 Annual Board Game Extravaganza

As part of their English unit on Myths, Fairytales and Legends, MYP 2 students created board games. The purpose of the activity was to create a board game based on a story of their choice, their characters and situations, write instructions and produce something that was fun to play. All three MYP 2 classes gathered for the culmination of the activity, a chance for everyone to play each others' games and give feedback. Prizes were awarded for the most creative games.

Book Week

From September 30th to October 4th, Early Years and Primary celebrated Book Week! The theme of this year's book week was ‘Authors’, each year level chose a different author to focus on and students enjoyed a variety of activities throughout the week such as Book Swap, Character Dress-up day, Buddy Reading, Bookmarker competition and much more! Parents also participated by coming in and reading to the children. We received a special visit from Brazilian author Renata Julianelli where she joined music and dancing to retell her story. Students were also able to buy her books and get her autograph. Overall it was a successful and fun Book Week! The main purpose of Book Week was to help promote the enjoyment and the love of reading by students at school and at home. We would like to encourage parents and families to continue encouraging this culture of reading for pleasure at home throughout the year. 

We would like to remind all families that Book Swap will continue to run all year long. Students are encouraged to bring books from home that they no longer read and receive a book buck for it, with it they can "buy" another book to take home. Book Swap will be held permanently in both libraries plus run by the student council once or twice a week during lunchtime.

Second-hand Uniform Shop

A big THANK YOU to parents who have donated uniforms to our second-hand shop and to all the parents that helped in the store.  Out of their earnings R$15,000.00 has been used for teacher training for Early Years, Primary and Secondary teachers.

We enrolled four teachers in the Harvard Project Zero (Algemira Kollar, Fiorella Giordano, Vanessa Torlai and Vera Belotto) and Bianca Starck and Guilherme Torii to take part in the LAHC Learnfest in Buenos Aires.

MYP 4 Advertising Fair

As the culmination of three units based on different types of writing, MYP 4 presented their Advertising Campaigns to their classmates and specially invited judges. Persuasive Writing was on display. The standard of the work was excellent and the students certainly enjoyed sharing their work with others.

Sewing Machine Donation

St. Francis would like to thank Mr. Moreno and Emma Moreno Lee (MYP 5) for the donation of a sewing machine to the Secondary Arts department.

Personal Project In-Progress Fair

On Thursday, October 17th, our MYP 5 students showcased the development of their Personal Projects by sharing their plan and action with the rest of the school community during our annual Personal Project In-Progress Fair in the black box theater.

This event served as an opportunity for them to reflect upon their progress as well as the obstacles they have been encountering so far. Our students enjoyed getting feedback and opinions from different members of our school community on how to tackle the hurdles and improve the quality of their final outcomes. Thank you to everyone that joined us during this activity, showing your interest, supporting their projects and celebrating their accomplishments!

Early Years and Primary Art of the Month

Early Years Art of the Month

PYP 1 - Using the senses to make tactile sculptures

Central Idea: People use their senses to explore their surroundings and gather information.


Mateo Ruiz - PYP 1 Omega “It’s a Buffalo”

Isabella Bassalobre - PYP 1 Omega “I did an Elephant”


As part of their unit of inquiry PYP 1 explored the properties of clay by experiencing what it felt like to touch it on a potter’s wheel. Each student placed their hands on a dome of clay as a way of discovering just how soft and soothing the clay was on the palms of their hands. Another part of the visual art activity involved students manipulating clay using their hands and special sculpture tools. Both Isabella and Mateo explored the clay in a variety of ways and included natural elements to complete their imaginative animal. 

Isabella Bassalobre - PYP 1 Omega

“I did an Elephant”

Mateo Ruiz - PYP 1 Omega “It’s a Buffalo”

Primary Art of the Month

PYP 5 - Contrasting sports silhouettes against a contrasting colour background


Central Idea: Our choices and actions affect our health and lifestyle


Isabel Estefno - PYP 5 Sigma – “Acrobat”

Laura Parizotto - PYP 5 Beta –“Ballerina”

Fernanda Lui - PYP 5 Omega – “Judo Movements”


As part of their unit of inquiry, PYP 5 looked at what kind of sports they felt would help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. After deciding what pose they believed represented that sport, they were photographed and asked to cut around the final shape. The outline of this figure was then filled in using a dark colour. To create a contrasting composition, students were then encouraged to make a colourful contrasting background that complimented the sense of energy used for that particular sport. Isabel, Laura and Fernanda were careful to cut out around the figure and develop an interesting background related to the silhouette in the foreground.

Isabel Estefno - PYP 5 Sigma – “Acrobat”

Fernanda Lui - PYP 5 Omega – “Judo Movements”

Laura Parizotto - PYP 5 Beta –“Ballerina”

MYP 1 Music Presentation

All MYP 1 students performed the theme from the movie Top Gun as an orchestra during the assembly on October 2nd. Congratulations on a great first performance!

Introducing New Staff at St. Francis

At every start of the year, we have new members of staff joining St. Francis College. This week meet:


Susannah Nunn


I was born and raised in England; due to my dad's job I've lived in several areas of the UK.

I have been teaching for 11 years and I have taught in some amazing schools and had some fantastic opportunities. My love for teaching started when I volunteered at my local school as part of my Duke of Edinburgh. I kept volunteering throughout university in Nottingham and also taught in Uganda during my Gap Year. 

After my PGCE, I was a supply teacher in Nottingham for a year before moving to Brighton. I then spent 4 very happy years in a school called Westdene before being seconded to the amazing West Blatchington, where I ended up staying for 3 years. After this, I got a job at The British College of Brazil for 2 years.

I studied Fashion Communication and Marketing at Nottingham Trent University where I specialised in how media affects youth identity. I then went on to study my PGCE at the University of Leicester where I specialised in Drama. I was fortunate enough to do part of my masters here where I looked at Mantle of the Expert - I even got to meet and interview Dorothy Heathcote. 

I simply love anything to do with food; cooking, baking and eating! I enjoy sports such as rock climbing, running and anything extreme (I've done 7 bungee jumps in my lifetime). I also love to travel.

Fun Sports Day

Fauna & Flora Mosaic Art Expo

All members of the St. Francis community are welcome to come along on Saturday, 19th October, from 12:00 p.m. onwards to celebrate the "Fauna" mosaics lamp post installation along Rua Joaquim Antunes. Fifteen students from St. Francis (PYP 8 and MYP 3) have been selected by the mosaic artists from Mosaico Paulista to show their artwork. Our student’s original proposals will be transformed into an amazingly colorful mosaic. Students from Fernão Dias School will also have their work represented. Apart from the mosaics, many other copies of entries from PYP 8 and MYP 3 will be up on exhibition under the Rua Teodoro Sampaio viaduct.

For the last year, St. Francis has been working in close cooperation with Associação de Moradores da Joaquim Antunes in order to support this particular project. We are very grateful to AMJA for having given us the chance to promote our students artwork and for having the opportunity to address important environmental issues about our Brazilian fauna.

Lençóis Maranhenses Trip

The MYP 5 and DP 1 students had the opportunity to disconnect from their regular city lives and travel to Lençóis Maranhenses during the October break. Peaceful, stunning and breathtaking are the words that come to mind to describe their experience. The great challenge of the trip was deciding whether they should take photographs, swim, play, relax or soak in the wonderful atmosphere and enjoy the beauty of this Brazilian jewel. Endless dunes with amazing blue and green lakes create a surreal landscape. The students had a wonderful time full memorable experiences

Agents of Peace - LAHC Student Conference 2019

From September 18th - 22nd our DP 2 students (Antonia Neves and André Andugar) attended the Agents of Peace - LAHC Student Conference at St. George's College in Buenos Aires. It was a memorable experience for both students and teachers involved. They worked intensively with their peers from various neighbouring countries, supporting each other during their presentations on causes of conflict and how to construct solutions for local, national and international issues. Students also created a mural showcasing their various backgrounds coming together as one.  Throughout this process participants were transformed as human beings, learned new things about themselves and the world they live in and created friendships that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Pinktober Donations

Hug Workshop

On October, 23rd at 7:00pm, HUG will host a workshop for parents with Dr. Anthony Wong, Professor of Clinical Toxicology and Paediatrics at the University of São Paulo. 
If you have not signed up, please do so by clicking on this link:
Please note the event will be in English. 

For more information on this workshop, please click here.


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