Humans of St. Francis

For the summative assessment of our inquiry into how culture shapes one's identity, our PYP 6 classes chose to create a "Human of St. Francis" project, deciding who they wished to interview and photograph. Pupils chose individuals within the St. Francis community (teachers, staff and older students) whom they wished to know more about. Questions were focused on daily routines and values. Our PYP 6 pupils also took photos of their subject and themselves. Pupils then took these notes and photographs and composed them into an exhibit worthy of display. Identity and culture can be found everywhere, especially within the diverse community of St. Francis! Check out their "Humans of St. Francis" display in front of the lower library!

Careers Day 2019 & Work Shadowing

This month was a very exciting and busy one in the University and Careers Department. We were fortunate enough to have nearly 30 parents volunteer to take time out of their days and come in to speak with our pupils from MYP 4 - DP 2s about their career fields. This was our 6th annual Careers Day and we are happy to see it continue to grow, providing our pupils with more career options each year.

Our DP 1s learned more about the Work Shadowing programme that they will be participating in during the last week of their January Holidays, where they have the opportunity to shadow a professional who works in the area they are considering to pursue.  We would like to thank Mrs. Bradshaw and Mrs. Blanco for leading this project.

On the university side, October 15th was the deadline for students applying to Oxford or Cambridge, as well as the students applying to study medicine in the UK. Many of our DP2 pupils will be sending off their first university applications this week as November 1st is the deadline for Early Action and Early Decision candidates to study in the United States. We are proud of their continued hard work and are excited to see the results in the coming months!

Bookmarker Competition

During our Book Week, we had a bookmarker competition from PYP 2 to PYP 8. Here are our finalists. Thank you to everyone who participated!

PYP 2 

1st place - Otavio Motta - PYP 2 B

2nd place - Stella de Sá - PYP 2 O

3rd place - Hugo Cesar Salomone - PYP 2 B

PYP 3 

1st place - Isadora Zaragueta - PYP 3 S

2nd place - Manoela Khouri - PYP 3 B

3rd place - Ben Herchcovitch - PYP 3 B

PYP 4 

1st place - Anna Catharina Ridolfi- PYP 4 B

2nd place - Maria Fagundes - PYP 4 B

3rd place - Alexandre Chevalier - PYP 4 S

PYP 5 - 6

1st place - Maria Gabriela Saad - PYP 5 B

2nd place Pedro Fanchin - PYP 5 S


PYP 7 - 8

1st place - Aoi Funatsu - PYP 8 B

2nd place - Sophie Amin - PYP 7 B

Alphas Visiting the Science Lab

Alphas had a very exciting visit to the Secondary Science labs to learn more about the human body. Mr. Cardoso and Ms. Oliveira showed them around. They were shown a model of the human body. They were then encouraged to look and explore all the different parts that fit inside the model. Placing the organs together was like a big jigsaw puzzle for the children. This was an interesting way of learning new vocabulary and a wonderful experience!