Remembrance Day 2019

On Sunday, November 10th, some of our secondary students attended the Remembrance Day Service at St. Paul's Cathedral to honour all the war veterans. Remembrance Sunday is celebrated every year on the second Sunday in November.

On Monday, November 11th, we celebrated Remembrance Day, which marks the day World War I ended, at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. The anniversary is used to remember all the people who have died in wars - not just World War I, but all conflicts after 1918.

The Poppy Appeal is run by the Royal British Legion. The reason poppies are used to remember those who have given their lives in battle is because they are the flowers which grew on the battlefields after World War I ended. This is described in the famous World War I poem In Flanders Fields. 

Ever since then, they have come to be a symbol of remembering not just those who gave their lives in World War I, but all those who have died on behalf of their country. 

The money raised from these donations will be used to help servicemen and women who are still alive, whose lives have been changed by wars that they fought in. The money helps veterans who may need to find new jobs or somewhere to live or any other support they may need. It is also used to help those who have lost loved ones because of wars. It also represents the contribution of families and of the emergency services.

At St. Francis, we collected R$ R$5569,00 in donations for the Royal British Legion. An enormous thank you to everyone that donated and proudly wore their poppy!

University Offers

This month our DP 2 pupils have started receiving their first offers from universities. So far we have had students accepted into IE University in Spain, the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands and the New College of the Humanities in England. Congratulations to our DP 2s Lara, Julia, and André!  Our alumni have also been hearing back from universities, with Rafael receiving offers from Belas Artes, FAAP, and ESPM. We are looking forward to receiving more good news as offers continue to be announced in the coming months.

PYP 2 - Signs and Symbols

PYP 2 pupils are inquiring into the way we discover and express our ideas and feelings and finding out how people use signs and symbols to communicate.

To provoke curiosity, our PYP 2 Team set up a track of signs and symbols from the classroom around the Primary years. It all began with our students arriving at their rooms, however, the door was blocked off with black and yellow tape! There were signs and symbols directing them to different places around the school grounds. This prompted lots of discussion as our young pupils wanted to find out more! They brainstormed solutions, listened to each other’s ideas and followed the signs to explore what to do next... So many skills were exercised as they excitedly puzzled over what was being communicated! 

This learning engagement showed the importance of signs and symbols in our day to day lives to communicate with each other and solve problems in an engaging and authentic way.

Model United Nations

On November 23rd the St. Francis Model United Nations Delegation will hold its first internal conference. The purpose of the conference is to give students the chance to practice their debating and critical thinking skills leading up to our conference in Porto Alegre in December. The two UN committees that the students will be simulating are The Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN), where they will be discussing International Efforts to Combat Money Laundering, and the Legal Committee, where the topic will be 'Redefining the Legalities of Government Surveillance in the Digital Age'.

PYP 5 - Amazon Adventure

PYP 5 had an engaging start to their inquiry into how forces act upon nature in different ways. Their teachers planned a series of events to get them interested and curious about how we use science in our daily lives to solve all kinds of problems! 

This exciting provocation got us all wondering how to solve a problem: we needed to get food packages to the animals in the Amazon Forest! However, we needed to find out more about how weight influences gravity so we could execute the plan and get the food safely to the animals landing at the same time! The pupils were so keen to find out how they could complete their mission successfully, which led them to naturally ask questions, make predictions, explore materials and make conclusions...

The pupils rotated around their carefully planned and well setup environment with a series of creative stages to help solve their problem. They did not even realise that what they were doing was the required steps to the scientific method.  

This provoking and exciting activity started them off into their new Unit of Inquiry on how the World Works, a chance for teachers to find out pupils prior knowledge, misconceptions... and realise how much they already know! 

Pupils will continue to use the scientific process to guide their inquiry into how the world works and will work towards designing their own experiments based on their wonderings about the natural world around them.

MYP 3 Experiments

Students in MYP 3 Science are currently learning about the biochemical processes that make life possible. They designed and performed experiments to better understand how plants can convert light into chemical energy through photosynthesis and how yeast can turn sugars into carbon dioxide through fermentation. Now that they have those experiences, it's back to the drawing board to use what they know to design better and more comprehensive methods.

PYP 8 Grafitti Banners 

To encourage awareness of social and environmental issues around the world

PYP 8 has had a chance to voice their opinion about a series of matters that were brought to their attention throughout the unit. By showing responsibility and taking action, pupils were able to use their creativity to come up with symbols that represent important causes. Pupils also learnt how to make stencils as well as outline a variety of symbols using contrasting forms and colors. Some emphasis was also placed on making bubble letters.

Love Me Do

Have you ever been in love? With the wrong person?! This year’s secondary musical theatre production, “Love Me Do” has the magical answer to everyone’s romantic woes! In the play, confusion reigns as four young lovers run away to the woods to escape the oppressive rules of their parents and to have a chance to be with the one they believe to be their true love. What they don’t know is that the woods is populated by a band of mischievous musical fairies who are causing trouble with a potion that makes people fall in love with the first person they see. As if that wasn’t enough, a troupe of very confused actors also go into the woods to rehearse a play that they hope to perform at the King’s wedding. The rehearsal is a disaster, as are the encounters and misencounters of the young lovers. What will happen at the wedding?!

“Love Me Do” is a new musical comedy that pays tribute to the Beatles, weaving together their most memorable pop classics within the plot-line of Shakespeare’s, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The hilarious situations that arise in this classic story will appeal to anyone who’s ever dreamed of being in love.

Be ready, as tickets will go on sale next week, and they’ll sell fast! Performances will be in the first week of December: Thursday 05/12, at 6pm; Friday 06/12, at 8pm; and Saturday. 07/12, at 6pm.

Art of the Month

Early Years Art of the Month


PYP 1 Sigma - Mixing Paint Activity

Chiara Ciccone - PYP 1 Sigma

Isadora Salles - PYP 1 Sigma

PYP 1 Sigma pupils have been spreading and mixing paint across surfaces with different types of paint brushes. For this particular free painting activity both Chiara and Isadora were able to spread paint and mix more than two colours together to achieve interesting outcomes.

Chiara Ciccone - PYP 1 Sigma

Isadora Salles - PYP 1 Sigma

Primary Art of the Month

PYP 7 - Foot Sculpture in Clay

Sofia Dias - PYP 7 Sigma

Gabriela Park - PYP 7 Beta

Stella Milberg PYP 7 Omega 


As part of the unit of inquiry for unit 2 students were encouraged to observe the shape of a foot and draw it in their ARB. Once they had an idea of the three-dimensional form, students were shown how to sculpture a foot in clay without removing the bulk. With special clay tools, each of the PYP 7 groups constructed the foot that they felt represented migration to them. Wires were then pressed down into the top of the foot to allow each student to include elements that would represent the final piece. Most students opted to paint their final sculpture in order to represent a feeling or a geographical location. Sofia, Gabriela and Stella were able to include strong contrasting forms and colour for their final three-dimensional composition.

Gabriela Park - PYP 7 Beta

Sofia Dias - PYP 7 Sigma

Stella Milberg - PYP 7 Omega 

Sports Accomplishments

Thank you boys and girls for representing St. Francis in the longest and most competitive sports league in São Paulo, facing challenging matches against many traditional private schools!














Upcoming Games

PYP 5 Bake Sale

Early Years & Primary Parent Coffee

Upcoming Events

15th November

  • Holiday  - Proclamation of the Republic - Proclamação da Republica - No School

18th November

  • Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball Away Game x Hebraica

20th November

  • Holiday - Black Awareness Day - Dia da Conciência Negra - No School

21st - 27th November

  • Olinca, Mexico visits St. Francis

22nd November

  • Early Years & Primary Parents Coffee

  • PYP 5 Bake Sale

23rd November

  • Primary Play Rehearsal

  • Secondary Play Rehearsal

  • Model United Nations Internal Conference

26th November

  • Judo Belt Exchange Exam PYP 2 - PYP 4

28th November

  • Judo Belt Exchange Exam PYP 5 - PYP 8

  • Varsity Boys Basketball Home Festival

29th November

  • Movember

30th November

  • Secondary Play Rehearsal

  • Home Round Liga Escolar

  • Mock SAT


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