Love Me Do

“Love Me Do may be one of the funniest plays that have ever been performed at St. Francis!”


With outstanding comic performances from the students, and a hilarious plot full of twists and turns and complications, love intrigues, zany actors and troublesome fairies, the play promises to be a riot! Also, for the first time ever, the music will be played by a band made up entirely of student musicians who will “rock out” the best-known tunes of the Beatles and leave audiences dancing in the aisles! This will be a great night of entertainment for young and old!  Don’t miss out!

Love Me Do is a fun-filled play for all ages and will be performed next week, for three nights only: 

Thursday 05/12 at 6pm, Friday 06/12 at 8pm and Saturday 07/12 at 6pm. 


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