Love Me Do

“Love Me Do may be one of the funniest plays that have ever been performed at St. Francis!”


With outstanding comic performances from the students, and a hilarious plot full of twists and turns and complications, love intrigues, zany actors and troublesome fairies, the play promises to be a riot! Also, for the first time ever, the music will be played by a band made up entirely of student musicians who will “rock out” the best-known tunes of the Beatles and leave audiences dancing in the aisles! This will be a great night of entertainment for young and old!  Don’t miss out!

Love Me Do is a fun-filled play for all ages and will be performed next week, for three nights only: 

Thursday 05/12 at 6pm, Friday 06/12 at 8pm and Saturday 07/12 at 6pm. 


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PYP 3 Clay Project - Landforms

As part of their unit of inquiry, pupils are observing the different types of landforms that characterize certain landscapes on the surface of our planet. Emphasis was placed on looking at the different shapes of each particular form in order to sketch it in their Arts Research Book. Pupils were then asked to reproduce their initial drawings during an art activity using clay. Apart from manipulating the clay, pupils were also made aware of a series of different clay tools that they could use to create their final three-dimensional piece.

MUN Conference

On Saturday, 23rd November, the St. Francis Model United Nations Delegation had its 6th annual Internal Conference, an excellent opportunity for pupils to get a feel for what the real conferences are like and to practice their debate skills.  This conference was the last one for our DP 2 leadership team, where we said goodbye to our Secretary-General Lara Maia and our ambassadors Maria Fernanda da Silva and José Alvaro Santos. It also marked the beginning of a new chapter, where we welcomed our new leadership team, which consists of DP 1 students Maria Heloísa Scanavini and Isabela Wyss as well as MYP 5 student Rafael Goes.  Highlights of the conference include MYP 4 student Sean Aminov and MYP 2 student Thierry Andery winning Best Delegation in the Economic and Financial Affairs Council configuration, with MYP 5 student Emma Lee receiving an honorable mention. In the legal committee, MYP 5 student Johnny Vieira won Best Delegation and MYP 5 student Gabriel Montanhole received an honorable mention. We are excited to build on this momentum in a couple of weeks at the Porto Alegre Model United Nations Conference!