We come to the end of the first term, which has been very exciting, active and full of events, both social and educational. This is also the term that our DP 2 students start receiving their offers and these have been outstanding. Most of our students are fulfilling their ambitions for their chosen careers and universities.

The recycling committee has continued to work hard and will be launching the recycling project next term through stages and hopefully, by the end of our academic year, the school will be a better environmentally friendly school.

I still continue to strongly promote the speaking of English in school and will continue this battle next year but cannot tell if I will win!! So I do need your unconditional help! Please ensure that your children don't spend their holidays only speaking Portuguese and are exposed to English at least through books. 

Our school has become a stronger community and this has been shown through the many events we have held.

I wish to thank all my staff for all their hard work and dedication and HUG for their ongoing support in all the events. We look forward to their next big support in the Work Shadowing programme during the holidays. 

I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy holiday, an amazing new year and a great start to our second term on 29th January 2020!

Shirley Hazell    

Love Me Do

Last week, 19 young actors, 7 musicians, and a team of others helping with production, hair, make-up, and props, presented Love Me Do, over three sold out nights, in the St. Francis, "Black Box" theatre. The romantic comedy with its eccentric mix of characters was staged in a way that brought musicians and actors together on stage in a lively ensemble format. A mixture of energetic music, hilarious comic performances, and harmonious collaborative work made for an unforgettable night of entertainment!


Thanks to all cast and crew of Love Me Do!

For the first time in St. Francis history, we had a completely student-led band performing at one of our plays. After being coached by Mr. Neves and Mr. Dennison, the students took charge and ultimately did an amazing job! We also had a former student of ours, Rafael Alves, performing alongside our students, and what a great addition that was! Congratulations to everyone involved!

PYP 4 Visit MASP

As part of their unit of inquiry based on how "the past connects to our lives today and influences us in many ways" PYP 4 pupils had a chance to observe paintings from the past. Particular attention was given to how people in the past posed before the painter. Many of the paintings included children. After going on a walkabout through the main MASP collection, pupils were asked to choose a particular painting to draw in their Arts Research Books.

ACESC Water Polo

We would like to congratulate our MYP 3 student Gabriel Micheloni Creazzo who competed in various water polo competitions and achieved remarkable recognition within the sport. Last month, Gabriel’s team (ECP - Esporte Clube Pinheiros) received the second place medal in the ACESC under 13 championship.

They also won the bronze medal in Brazilian Under-14 Tournament and this month they will have the Paulista Playoffs.

Congratulations Gabriel! Keep up the good work!

University Offers

This semester has been very successful for our DP 2 students regarding university offers. So far they have received 27 offers spanning four countries and there are many more offers to come in the near future. This is a reflection of all of their hard work not only this year, but over the past four years. We are extremely proud of them and are excited to receive more offers soon. Thank you to all of the teachers that have taken part in their education and made this possible.

Save the World - Bazaar Backdrop Painting by PYP 3

As part of their unit of inquiry PYP 3 pupils have been studying landforms. Apart from making a series of sculptures from clay, they have also been invited to make large paintings of different regions of the world for the Bazaar backdrop. Particular attention was given to the colours and forms that portray areas of the world that are presently being affected by global warming and pollution. Students explored such techniques as sponging, dabbing and using brush strokes to describe the tones of colours that depicted each of these regions.

Romeo & Juliet

As part of our introduction to Shakespeare unit in English, MYP 3 students are reading the famous tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet. The main goal of the unit is to experience the play as a drama. With this in mind, students created and performed their own balcony scenes between the “two star-crossed lovers”. Using the original text as a starting point, students crafted their own scripts, adding modern language to create truly impactful scenes, which were both relevant and moving. The creativity displayed was impressive and we are very proud of our MYP 3 students!


The St. Francis Model United Nations Delegation travelled to Porto Alegre to participate in POAMUN, our first external conference of the year. It was our largest ever group traveling with 17 students, ranging from MYP 2 to DP 2.  Our students participated in two committees: G20 and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Students in the G20 committee debated the current trade war between China and the US and its repercussions worldwide as well as EU and Mercosur trade deals. The UNODC committee discussed the question of delineating the age of criminal responsibility internationally and how to punish young infractors, as well as dismantling organized crime in international drug trafficking. 

The conference lasted three days with students debating for more than 8 hours in some cases. St. Francis was well represented, bringing home the Best Delegate Award for MYP 4 Sean Aminov as well as an honorable mention for MYP 5 João Vieira. We are very proud of all of our delegates and are looking forward to the next conference.

Art of the Month

Early Years Art of the Month - PYP 3 - Painted Landforms

  • "Desert Landforms" by Beatriz Frayha and Luiz Eduardo Kurbhi - PYP 3 Omega 

  • "Valley" by Theo Milberg - PYP 3 Beta 

  • "Volcano" by Bruno Mejía - PYP 3 Sigma

As part of their unit of inquiry PYP 3 pupils have been looking at how landforms can be formed over a period of time. These changes can be slow or very abrupt. PYP 3 were expected to represent each of the landforms they selected. After making these forms in clay, pupils were then encouraged to use appropriate colours. Beatriz, Luiz Eduardo, Theo and Bruno were not only careful about representing the shape of the landform but also the way in which they used colours to enhance their final composition. 

"Volcano" by Bruno Mejía - PYP 3 Sigma

"Valley" by Theo Milberg - PYP 3 Beta 

"Desert Landforms" by Beatriz Frayha and

Luiz Eduardo Kurbhi - PYP 3 Omega 

Primary Art of the Month - PYP 8 - Using Photography to Express the Theme Conflict

  • "Bullying" by PYP 8 Beta - Natalie Niam, Marina Cano, Julia Gonzalez, Manuela Madeiros and Maya Rkein

  • "Guardian Angel" by PYP 8 Sigma - Manuela Gansauskas, João Pedro Nogueira, Lucca de Camargo and Máxima Brenninkmeijer

  • "Divorce" by PYP 8 Omega - Ana Cecilia dos Santos, Lais Lourenço, Isabella de Brisac, Bianca Farkouh and Julia Case

For their unit of inquiry, PYP 8 pupils have been looking at different types of conflicts that can create tension within communities. After identifying certain types of conflicts, pupils were encouraged to create their own particular conflict scene. After practicing different types of poses in their drama class, PYP 8 were asked to recreate a type of photoshoot to express their final message. In the conflict based on a "Divorce", "Bullying" and "Guardian Angel" students demonstrated a sense of conviction when it came to composing their final shoot.  

"Bullying" by PYP 8 Beta - Natalie Niam, Marina Cano, Julia Gonzalez, Manuela Madeiros and Maya Rkein

"Divorce" by PYP 8 Omega - Ana Cecilia dos Santos, Lais Lourenço, Isabella de Brisac, Bianca Farkouh and Julia Case

"Guardian Angel" by PYP 8 Sigma - Manuela Gansauskas, João Pedro Nogueira, Lucca de Camargo and Máxima Brenninkmeijer

Hawk Shop

The Hawk Shop is a student lead body coordinated and supervised by teachers in the school. The shop is run by the pupils, which are divided into leadership roles such as head of finance, head of inventory, head of public relations, Hawk Shop clerks and a president. The profit made from sales remains in the shop for use in the investment of new products.

Participating in the Hawk Shop is a great learning experience for students as the idea behind the shop is not only for members to learn how to make money and to help it thrive financially, but for them to have a taste of how a business is managed. The shop is an ECA activity from MYP 4 all the way up to DP 2 and it has proven to be helpful in aiding students to choose a future career.

Secondary Talent Show

A fun and joyful atmosphere took over the black box for the 2019 St. Francis Talent show! The 2019 Talent Show was completely led and organized by DP students and was a great success! Students from MYP 1 to DP 2 registered to present unique and cheerful performances. This was the first year that teachers could also register and present!

Students demonstrated being risk-takers by stepping out of their comfort zone and preparing all sorts of presentations that ranged from original songs to acrobatic performances. The Secondary had a great last Friday together enjoying good music and outstanding presentations! Great job, everyone!

Primary Masterchef and Trivia Competition

During our last week before holidays, we had many fun activities involving our primary pupils including Masterchef and Trivia Competition! Many delicious foods were made by our young chefs! Our pupils also showed that they have mastered knowledge of countries around the world, arts and even drawing challenges!! Congratulations to everyone that participated in both events!