St. Francis BAZAAR & End of Year Giving Back Activities - 2021

This year’s Bazaar will be another memorable one. Children will have the opportunity to share their learning and classroom routine with parents. They will also share their Fundraising Projects and will invite parents for a Holiday sing along! 


To see all the detailed information on the Bazaar please visit our BAZAAR 2021 website

We are also holding our annual "Giving Back" activities. In EYP we have our Giving Tree where families and students are invited to foster an underprivileged child from "Clubinho da Fátima" and gift them with a toy of their dreams. In Secondary our CAS students are raising hygiene goods to donate to the Colégio Passionista Santa Luzia.

St. Francis Alumni Club

HUG is supporting St. Francis College, once again, to form it's Alumni Association. One of the first initiatives of this new club is to search for our Alumni all around this globe and see what they have become, what they are doing and who they are today! Exciting!


Patricia Forte - Alumna Interviewee of the month

This past month, HUG received help from several of our current students and Alumni, and together they were able to track down an ex-student of ours called Patricia Forte. 


Patricia was one of the first students St. Francis College ever had! She joined the school in it's opening in 2003. She spoke to us about her memories of St. Francis College, the ECAs, languages, Peraltas camp...and more.


She explained how the IB attributes contributed to her life and profession today as a dentist. She shared some of her professional insights and why she is proud to be St. Francis!

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Thank you: Pedro H. B da Fonseca MYP2, Camila Mollica MYP2, Guy Charbonnieres MYP2, Maria Fernanda Machioni MYP5, Rafael Aubiere MYP5, Beatriz Saliba MYP5, Luca R. Seda DP2, Mateo Devoto DP1, Anna Beatriz Rocha DP1 and Bartolome Maggio MYP5 & Soraya Braghin da Fonseca (HUG President) for having conducted this first, impactful, Alumni interview. What a caring contribution this is to our Community!


​Stay tuned for the next Alumni interview...you will find out how and who helped us develop the House logos for Falcons, Eagles and Condors! Yes, it was another Alumna indeed!


Help us and HUG grow our St. Francis College Alumni database! If you know a St. Francis Alumni, please have them fill in the

St. Francis Alumni Membership Application Form HERE


Help us spread the word around! ​We want to have our ex-students information as we plan to have Alumni events, Bulletins, more interviews and build a strong club. For that, we need the most Alumni contact information as possible!

If you are a current St. Francis student and would like to help HUG conduct the alumni interviews, please email Soraya Fonseca at hug@stfrancis.com.br

MUN (Model United Nations) Delegation

This past weekend the St Francis College United Nations delegation participated in the inaugural RioMUN conference, which was put on by the American School and the British Schools of Rio de Janeiro. The conference took place over the weekend of the 20th, which is Black Awareness day, and the conference theme was “Silenced voices”. The RioMUN Secretariat chose to base the conference on amplifying silenced voices and working towards giving a voice to the voiceless. There were over 200 students participating from 14 schools, and the St. Francis' delegation brought 19 students. The weekend was full of exciting debate topics, ranging from Mediating the Taliban conflict in Afghanistan, as well as addressing the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon ​​in the UN Security Council, to Tackling the Ongoing Persecution of the Muslim community following September 11th in the Human Rights Council. There was also a Special Committee focused on the Invasion of Naboo, where delegates represented Star Wars characters and modeled the Galactic Senate in order to discuss the trade blockade against the Republic of Naboo.


The conference lasted for two full days and some of our delegates were recognized and awarded for their work this weekend!  


Emma Lee received an honorable mention for her role as Ajax and discussing terms of peace in the Trojan War Historical Committee. Congratulations!


Vitor Rodrigues received a verbal commendation for his role in the Star Wars Committee as Sharia Geng. Congratulations!


Rodrigo Veirano received a verbal commendation for his role as Bangladesh in the Human Rights Committee. Congratulations!


Rafael Giannella  was nominated as one of the best position papers due  to his research on “Tackling the Ongoing Persecution of the Muslim community following 9/11”. Congratulations!


Stella Pereira was awarded the Best Press for her role covering the conference as CNN. Congratulations!


This was our last external conference of the year and we couldn’t be more proud of our students. We plan on holding one more in person, onsite! Stay tuned as we release the names of the new leaders for next year!

Gerando Falcões with Edu Lyra

HUG and St. Francis parent Mr. Khouri Junior, offered our community a lecture with Edu Lyra, founder and CEO of Gerando Falcões, an NGO that supports social impact projects in shantytowns of Brazil. 


He is currently one of the country's most active and admired social entrepreneurs, and also a sought-after speaker, having been invited to speak at universities such as Harvard and Babson College and companies including Google, Ambev and Accenture and now here at St. Francis College.


Our Community took part in his lecture called "Tamojunto" this past Wednesday, November 24th. Edu spoke to us about the meaning of COMMUNITY, how to engage and be actively involved with the world around us and the underprivileged ones. He spoke a lot about the true sense and importance of taking on RESPONSIBILITY, and building a network, a "REDE" as he so often referred to it. A network and its togetherness empowers us to make true differences. He spoke about the importance of CONSTANCY and KNOWING YOURSELF!


Indeed it was an incredible opportunity to have this customised, one to one chat, with such a powerful and reputed entrepreneur #tamojunto #proudtobestfrancis


If you did not have the chance to join the lecture, we highly encourage you to VIEW IT IN THE RECORDING BELOW:

Remembrance Day

On Thursday, 11th November we observed  Remembrance Day (also known as Poppy Day or Armistice Day). All commonwealth countries take this annual day to remember and support the veterans of all wars.

For this purpose, children were encouraged to dress out of their uniform and donate R$10 to the British Legion which works to help war veterans. We collected a total of R$6.464,92 and this money has been donated to the British Legion who has thanked us for our kind contribution and support.

Português no MYP 1

A finalização da unidade 1 no MYP1, em Português, aconteceu com muita discussão e reflexão sobre o tema "Adolescência e suas transformações", nosso livro de leitura e as produções escritas. A  proposta final foi a construção de um trabalho criativo e os estudantes fizeram jogos e cartazes muito informativos e interessantes em um trabalho de equipe muito bem articulado e eficiente. Parabéns a todos.

Early Years Workshop - Connecting with Children through the Plasticity of Clay

Mr. Concagh was invited to give a workshop to Early Years teachers and assistants about the potential of working with clay. The purpose of the event was to support PYP 1 and PYP 2 with creative ideas. Apart from looking at the potential of the clay itself, teachers and assistants also had a chance to develop three projects based on a slab of clay, working with natural elements and clay and making a three-dimensional standing object. 

Advertising in the MYP 4

The culmination of MYP4's unit on advertising is their Advertising Fair. The statement of inquiry for this unit is 'when we buy a product, we are also buying a lifestyle' and this was the students' opportunity to show what they have learned over the last 4 weeks. Students have been working in groups to produce a poster, which will appear in a magazine, and a video for tv or the cinema. Throughout the last two weeks, they have had to think about such things as: target audience, product image, use of colour, use of text, slogans, filming, music and editing.


At the end of October, in their "Halloween" costumes, judges grilled these students with a series of questions about their work and their design process. Students are quite rightly, very proud of all they have achieved in this unit. Well done everyone.

MYP 3 – observational study skills based on the paintings of Giorgio Morandi

MYP 3 students were asked to observe how form, space and colour can influence the way in which we see things. Although the artist Morandi only applied monochromatic pale colours to his still life compositions and used a limited amount of objects, the way in which he grouped these objects allowed him to create an entirely new dimension to his still life paintings. MYP 3 focused on describing the outlines of objects through drawing techniques. They also looked at how they could arrange the objects in order to transmit a sense of harmony and balance. They then applied watercolor technique to paint the final composition.