DP1s Race4Good Project

St. Francis College DP1 students had the wonderful opportunity to take part in the first Race4Good for LAHC schools.

Race4Good is a programme that is designed as a competition between schools where the objective is to come up with business plans and ideas that, with a limited budget can help uplift a community. Students were working to uplift a small community of nomad people in the Merdani area of the Sahara, in Morocco. 

The competition lasted 3 weeks and had two rounds. Our students worked long hours and prepared an outstanding presentation and won the final round. We are incredibly proud of the team and the work that they did, and the experience that they had. CONGRATULATIONS to: Ana Beatriz Rocha, Carolina Blay, Emily Engelhard, Gabriel Oliveira, Giovanna Nery, Isabella Oliveira, Larissa Giustino, Lucas Hourani, Lucas Oliveira, Mateo Devoto, Ricardo de Bastos , Stella Cunha Pereira and Theobald Le Goff..


We invite you to watch this video below that explains in more details the Race4Good project. At first they had to come up with a solution to uplift a family of Nomads in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. In the second round they were requested to uplift an entire community! Our students competed against other schools from Latin America, and their proposals were so impressive that they came in first place.

The exciting aspect of this competition is that their business plan was actually implemented by the community of Nomads in Morocco last week.


Watch the video of them using the abundance of goats in the region to produce goat cheese and see them producing candles, to exchange as fair trade goods! Also note the beginning of the video...where the Nomads performend a native dance thanking our St Francis students for their project and contribution!


Once again well done DP1s, you have proven to be caring, principled individuals. We are proud of you. 


As part of our  ICT (information and communications technology) Programme here at St. Francis College, we have been celebrating  "Digital Citizenship" in October and will continue to do so now in November.. Together with our students, we reflect on how their digital lives impact their social and emotional well-being. 

PYP 3 to DP 2 explore the digital competencies while going online:

- Self-Awareness: how to behave and be authentic

- Self-Management: how to create balance in our digital lives

- Responsible Decision-Making: how to make responsible choices

- Relationship Skills: how to spread kindness and foster healthy friendships

- Social Awareness: how to respond to meanness and contribute to a caring online environment


St. Francis College has designed and developed this process of inquiry in partnership with Common Sense Education, and the topics of digital awareness and citizenship will be discussed within the curriculum framework. Our students are challenged and provoked to think and take action on the matter, enabling them to better succeed as digital learners and citizens of tomorrow. 

"Family Packets" with tips on activities on how to deploy this at home are being made available on our school app. We do encourage our entire Community to take an active role in being Digitally responsible citizens.

PYP 3 to 5 - Family Packet

PYP 6 to 8 Family Packet

With that same subject in mind, we have offered a series of workshops for parents in EYP on Online Safety, a workshop designed to teach and empower children to make informed and safe decisions when they are online. We shall offer a series of webinars for Secondary parents as well. We do hope these sessions are useful to all.


As an IB school, we stimulate students to read, as it encourages them to inquire, imagine and become creative and knowledgeable. Reading allows pupils to visualize their fantasies and to place themselves inside their favourite book. With this in mind,  EYP celebrated their annual BOOK WEEK this past month and this year's theme was "Old worlds, new worlds, other worlds". 

Many activities happened throughout the week. Storyteller Emily, in PYP 1 to 4, told stories about the "4 legged animals". In upper Primary, Eduardo Escames spoke to PYP5 to 8 pupils about his fiction books that tell the stories of a crew on a fleet ship that travel through galaxies and explore unknown planets. Guess the teacher behind the book, drawing a cover of your favourite book towards a house points, book exchanges and decorated classroom doors were some of the other many activities.. Dress-up character-day with book in hand and a fun pic-nic top off the week on Friday!


MYP 2 student, Camila Mollica enrolled in a programme that the Prefeitura de São Paulo offers called "Parlamento Jovem Paulistano de Ensino Fundamental 2021". The city’s government's main objective with this programme is to have young students become involved in citizenship and democracy exercises.


Camila was elected as one of the young Vereadora of the São Paulo Youth Parliament 2021. Camila put forward a municipal law for the city of São Paulo. 

The bill she developed provides the implementation of luggage racks and lockers for storing the belongings of people living on the streets, in public places, close to public toilets and showers. It is a proposal to alter and enhance existing laws that guide this matter.


In November, she will present her bill at the Youth Parliament. She will have to lobby with the real councilors and have a true experience with the Legislative Power here in our city!


Camila has been a true risk-taker and we are very proud of her proactiveness and outstanding result. We look forward to the next steps in this exciting challenge and programme! 



HUG organised and invited Parents and Staff members to a lecture with Tais and Roberta Bento from SOS Educação. Mother and daughter, educators and family guides on the matters of schooling. They are founders of "SOS Educação", the education site of the Estadão portal and responsible for the Escola column of the Pais & Filhos Magazine. We had the honour of having a private and exclusive workshop with them on Wednesday, 27th October, and they spoke about "Roles of the family and school, for children to overcome the challenges of Post Pandemic Education". The lecture was very informative and lecturers Roberta and Taís left us with several key messages, one of them being: "Three key tools we should empower our children to develop are: autonomy, competence and belonging"

If you weren't able to attend the lecture and would like to watch it, please see the recording here. We do hope you enjoy it!

LAHC Theatre Camp

In October several of our Secondary students took part in "Breaking Barriers", a drama activity that was  organised by the Latin American Heads Conference (LAHC), at the initiative of St Francis College. The event consisted of a three day online theatre Camp for students across the region. Young thespians from schools in Latin America gathered virtually. They were separated into small working groups, mixing students from different countries, and together created and performed short online theatre pieces. It was a fantastic opportunity for our drama students to practice their skills and to interact with other young people from across the continent. 

This first online event was an enormous success, and the positive feedback from all involved has been unanimous! We are already discussing more exchanges in the future, including the possibility of face to face inter school latinamerican Theatre Festivals in the future.

Congratulations to our students who took part in the event. You all did a great job and we are proud of each one of you!


HUG prepared a teacher's day surprise for our staff! 

We would like to thank HUG and all the parents that gifted our esteemed staff members with these beautiful water bottles. This past Friday, 15th October, we celebrated Teachers’ Day. As a token of appreciation, HUG organised, with the support of many in our Community, these presents that were distributed on Monday, 18th October, to all teaching staff, putting many smiles on their faces!  Thank you for being so caring.​


DP2 student, Eric Soo-Yoshimura, earns a scholarship to a summer course at Cambridge University to study Computer Science.

DP 2 student, Eric Soo-Yoshimura, participated in an essay competition run by the  Immerse Summer Programme. His essay on ‘“What is the most significant advancement in computer science in the past 100 years?”’ earned him a full scholarship to take part in a summer course in computer science at Cambridge during the summer of 2020.He deferred his award to attend it in July 2021.Unfortunately, Brazil ending up in the red list prevented him from taking part in the face to face programme.


However, he was offered a one-on-one virtual course research programme with Dr. Christy Kin-Cleaves, a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science at Oxford University. Dr. Kin-Cleaves has a specialization in Adaptive Steganography. Together they looked at theoretical and practical aspects in the python programming language. The final product allowed Eric to draw parallels between the theory and real-life applications. 


"I found the course to be very interesting--it helped me better understand the history of computer science and to formulate a computer scientist mindset/approach. Overall, it was a great learning opportunity that reaffirmed my desire to pursue the field through higher education. Just a curious detail, because of the time difference, I attended the online course at 5am for two weeks! It was hard getting up so early during vacation time but totally worth the effort!" Eric


St. Francis Alumni Club

HUG is supporting St. Francis College, once again, to form it's Alumni Association.

#1 - ALUMNI DATABASE - Our first step in this process is to build a current database with our ex-students emails and basic information. If you know of alumnus, please help spread the word around! 


#2 - HUG & ALUMNI INTERVIEWS - HUG will interview ex-students of ours and we will share the recordings here in the following Bulletins and in our social media pages as well. We also want our Alumni's to help HUG in these interviews. If you are an ex-student and would like to support the conducting of these meetings, please email HUG directly at:  hug@stfrancis.com.br.  c/o Soraya Braghin da Fonseca

Share your story with us...Where are you? What have you majored in? How did St. Francis College help you get where you are at? Do you consider yourself to have become a life long learner...?


On Thursday 28th  the school observed Pinktober, and we held a drive to collect money to donate to FEMAMA, a Brazilian NGO dedicated to provide access to diagnosis and treatment to women with breast cancer. Students were encouraged to come with a pink shirt, and donate R$10 for this worthy cause. Most of our Community took part and we thank everyone for being caring and principled!

On Friday we celebrated Halloween and had fun with the students and staff in costume. EYP Student Council prepared many different activities for the day, such as the eerie Haunted House, and our school lunch had some "spooky halloween edibles" on it's menu. DP2 CAS students and Operation Smile group ran different fundraisers for an old people's home (raised donations through fun Halloween activities to buy facemasks for old peoples home) and for Operation Smile itself.

See here some footage of the EYP Student Council games and activities on Halloween Day!


Thank you for having organised this for all your colleagues!

MYP4's on Advertising

The culmination of MYP4's unit on advertising is their Advertising Fair. The statement of inquiry for this unit is 'when we buy a product, we are also buying a lifestyle' and this was the students' opportunity to show what they have learned over the last 4 weeks. Students have been working in groups to produce a poster, which will appear in a magazine, and a video for tv or the cinema.


Throughout the last  two weeks, they have  had to think about such things as:

  • target audience

  • product image

  • use of colour

  • use of text and slogans

  • filming

  • music

  • editing


Last Friday, four judges grilled them with a series of questions about their work and their design process. Students are quite rightly, very proud of all they have achieved in this unit. Well done everyone.

LAHC Workshops "Oktoberfest 2021"

LAHC has developed a series of workshops for teachers focused on core themes currently affecting schools:wellbeing, inclusion and safeguarding.Many of our senior leadership team and staff members have enrolled in this programme. The workshops are online and held by a vast line up of speakers who share up-to-date research and insights on these themes. They give practical tips on how schools can address various challenges in these areas and implement strategies for overall school improvement and making a difference to the entire school community.     


Understanding affluent neglect, Creating a culture of dignity, Safeguarding Roadmap workshop, The ingredients of wellbeing, To inclusivity and beyond: Creating anti-racist spaces, Mental health: Creating conversation & smashing taboos at school, Engaging students to understand and address peer-on-peer harm are just a few of the many workshop topics being offered.


MYP2's & Diary of Anne Frank

The MYP2 students are in the midst of culminating their knowledge of the Diary of Anne Frank unit. Their task is to interpret Anne´s transformation over the course of the play in the format of a creative group performance. They previously created an individual storyboard to show the differences in Anne´s character at the beginning, middle and end of the play which they used as a basis for this final summative task of the unit. They have been highly collaborative and creative as you can see in the costumes and props used. The final performances have been impressive-well done!

Thanking St. Francis College

Every year we receive lovely emails from parents thanking our school and community for the work we do with our students. It is fulfilling to see our alumni strive in their next steps in life, both academically and personally, continuously taking on the endeavour of being lifelong learners. From now onwards, we shall, in many Bulletins, share some of these thankful notes we receive:

"Prezada Ms Hazell, prezada Ms Conde,


Temos o prazer de informar que Antonio Pedro teve sucesso no concurso interno  da Universidade de Virgínia  para admissão no Mccintire School of Commerce.


Essa escola é das mais prestigiadas dos EUA.


Escrevemos, sobretudo,  para agradecer o ensino de altíssimo nível que o St Francis proporcionou e proporciona.  Acompanhamos  o tema Educação escolar há décadas ,  comparando, debatendo e lendo. Ninguém desconhece a sua importância;  educação é vital, todos dizem, mas em um  país que "sucateou" seu sistema de ensino, essa importância é a mais imperiosa possível.


Mas , esse certo consenso, em reconhecer a sua

importância,  não é o suficiente. Há um outro  aspecto , qual educação?


Sobre esse prisma, não temos sombra de dúvida em dizer que o Saint Francis College  ministra ensino de altíssima qualidade, com certeza  pouquíssimas escolas no país (se houver) podem se ombrear com o trabalho de vocês  e sua equipe.


Por isso tudo, parabéns e muito obrigado por tudo que fizeram (Antonio e Luiz Felipe) e fazem (Maria Fernanda) pelos nossos filhos"


Jarbas Andrade Machioni (current parent at school and parent of alumni)

Tereza M.C.R.A. Machioni (current parent at school and parent of alumni)