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Careers and University Guidance

At St. Francis College, supporting students through the sometimes challenging process of deciding what and where they want to study and guiding them through the conundrum of the university applications process, is a priority for us. This is why we have an experienced full-time Careers Advisor who meets students individually and tailors his support to specific and individual needs.

The Careers Advisor closely collaborates with the Diploma Coordinator and the Head of Secondary, who also was a career advisor for many years. As a team, they ensure that students are provided with the guidance and support they need. We follow tight policies to ensure our recommendations present each student's potential fairly and go through a revision process, before submitting them to universities.

Over the years, we have built an intricate network with universities in many different countries. This enables us to find the best fit for our students and also raises the profile of our school amongst universities.

We also hold university fairs, where both Brazilian and international institutions meet our students, providing them with valuable information about the different academic paths available to them.

Our services are enhanced by our Work Shadowing Programme, which is offered to DP 1 students. Organised by parents, students have the opportunity to spend a week shadowing a business or profession of their interest. This gives them an inside, first-hand experience, into what working in a specific professional area is like. 

Careers Day is also another unique opportunity where many parents of our community come and share their experiences and knowledge about the challenges and opportunities that their professional lives have given them. 

We have a very active, diverse and participating community when it comes to Career and University Guidance. As a result, our students enjoy a very high acceptance rate with their university applications. To see a more detailed list of recent acceptances, go to University Offers  on our website.

When our students graduate from St. Francis they have the qualifications to apply to both Brazilian and International universities and continue to excel academically, personally and professionally.

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