At St. Francis College we have a full time Careers Advisor who sees each student individually and provides guidances throughout the process of applying to universities. 

At St Francis College we also hold University Fairs, where both Brazilian and International universities come to our campus and meet our students, providing them with valuable information on their institution. 

DP 1 students are offered a Work Shadowing Programme. This is a programme organised by HUG parents where students have the opportunity to visit a business or profession of their interest, to experience and further understand that trade. This helps our students to obtain a better understanding of the area he/she may have interest in.

Careers Day is also another unique opportunity where many parents of our community come and share their experiences with our students on their careers or businesses. Students receive the full list of workshops that will be held that day and they can choose to sign up to those of their interest. 

We have a very active, diverse and participating community when it comes to Career and University Guidance. As a result, our students enjoy a very high acceptance rate with their university applications. To see a more detailed list of recent acceptances, go to University Offers here on our website.


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