Music Instrumental Programme


As part of the music curriculum at St Francis college students learn about several different instruments and the families they belong to. 

Learning a musical instrument brings benefits to children's academic and personal lives, and this is why the music department at St Francis College is one of the most developed music departments  in Brazil. 

Students will develop motor skills, cognitive and metacognitive skills, as well as the opportunity to have both sides of their brains working at the same time! 


PYP 6 - students are exposed to the instruments mentioned below. This is done through a rotation scheme, in which they learn the basics of each instrument, what kind of sound they produce, how comfortable one feels when playing them etc.

PYP 7 - students should then decide which of these instruments to carry on learning. School requires every student to purchase an instrument so they can practice at home.


Further information on all instruments can be found below: