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Important - SAT 8th May 2021

All SAT test takers on 8th May 2021 are required to present a negative test result for COVID-19 to be allowed into the St. Francis College Campus. Tests must be the

RT-PCR or RT-LAMP administered within 72 hours of the exam.

Quem somos

St. Francis College é um colégio internacional em busca da excelência, em cujo ambiente amistoso e acolhedor, todos são voltados para a filosofia do International Baccalaureate (IB). Oferecemos um programa curricular desafiador com avaliações que promovem o questionamento altamente focado no desenvolvimento acadêmico e pessoal de cada aluno. St. Francis atualmente é o único colégio em São Paulo a oferecer o IB Continuum através do Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme e Diploma Programme.

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"The year 2003 seems so long ago! When my sons and I came to St. Francis we were excited at the prospect of starting a new school and a new job! Throughout these years, St. Francis has grown in size, my sons have graduated, yet it still feels like a community of friends and family. Working at St. Francis for all these years has been exciting & demanding, a learning process much like that of our pupils, which has given me many moments of great satisfaction and enjoyment! Proud to be St. Francis"  

Lexie Morandini, Secretary to College Principal