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St. Francis College has many events at school, some are held during normal school days and are part of the

pupil´s schedule, other are held on weekends and many are for the entire family to partake in as well. Below you will can see some of the events described... and do remember we offer many more!

International Fair

The International Fair at St. Francis is one of the school's largest events. It introduces many cultures and nationalities that are part of the school. Booths from numerous countries are set up on campus and you can enjoy an array of mouth-watering dishes and fun-filled performances from across the world. This event is organised by HUG association with the support of STUCO and  and school staff.


Book Week

Book Week is the annual celebration of books for young people and the joy of reading. St. Francis hosts bilingual booksellers that showcase an array of books for children of all ages and every classroom gets a chance to browse around the vast collections. During the whole week many activities to do with reading are held at school ending with a parade where pupils come dressed up as their favourite book character. It’s a lively event that the school eagerly looks forward to every year.

End of Year Arts and Music Concert

End of Year Arts and Music Concert takes place at the end of each academic year where the entire school gathers and puts on a large performance. We have both Primary and Secondary pupils perform along with the support of staff. There is a large array of performances on the day, all the way from dance, choir to instrumental concerts and art.

St. Francis Bazaar

The St. Francis Bazaar in December is an annual event held on campus where music, food and handcrafted items made by Primary pupils are sold by the students. It’s an opportunity to get involved in the community and a pleasant way to enjoy the day.


Sport Events in PYP 1 to PYP 4 there is a Fun Sports Day where staff, parents involved in sporting activities on a Saturday morning at school. Our Primary students from PYP 5 to PYP 8 go to Peraltas Camp on a 3 day trip, where they participate in an Inter-house sports competition and some adventure challenges. Our Secondary students also participate in an Inter-house sports competition for a day in Itatiba-SP every year. These events are a great and healthy opportunity to interact with the St. Francis community.

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