At St. Francis College we have several different media's of communication with parents and our communication.


We share highlights of our main news in our monthly publication of the St. Francis Bulletin. It is a report on the main events and happenings of school. It can be read here on our website or through our school app. We highly recommend you to take the time and read it. You will learn a lot about the school...latest University acceptances of our young pupils, the important dates of events, coffees, trips....

Another strong communications platform for us has become our Social Media pages. These pages are open to the public, so many sensitive matters and pictures will only be shared in our Bulletin. Nevertheless, our Facebook and Instagram pages do share on almost a daily basis what has been happening at school. It also announces upcoming events, plays, sport events and results and more.

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Many of the school communication takes place through the School App (called IsCool). Once your child is enrolled at school, parents will automatically receive an invite to join the School App.