St. Francis College has an international faculty employed both locally and from abroad.

Interested applicants should send a letter of intent, resume and two letters of reference to:


We are currently looking for:

  • Primary Teacher (beginning July 2020)

    • ​Preferably with IB PYP knowledge and experience. At least with 2 years of teaching experience. Ready for the challenges of an international school with a strong Brazilian population.

  • Librarian (beginning July 2020)

    • ​Full school librarian to work with two local librarians. Experience with the IB programmes is important. Developing and working experience with teachers and a desire to make the library a central and lively part of the school.

  • Spanish Teacher (beginning January 2020)

    • ​Preferably with IB MYP and DP knowledge and experience.

  • Mathematics Teacher (beginning July 2020)

    • An experienced maths teacher, who ideally can be the head of the department. Having MYP and DP knowledge and possibly experience. We are particularly interested in a proven record of raising mathematics standards in secondary school. Must be someone who is happy to teach across the range of year groups in Secondary.


  • Biology Teacher (beginning July 2020)

    • 2 years experience. Biology teacher that can confidently teach up to DP level. Experience of the DP is a plus. Willing and able to teach integrated science lower levels also. Knowledge of IGCSE positive. Ability to teach physics and chemistry up to Key stage 4 is a plus. 

  • Business Management Teacher (beginning July 2020)

    • Experienced Diploma Business Management teacher, who can ideally also be the head of the Humanities department. They will have a mixed team of experienced and inexperienced teachers who will need support so we are looking for someone that has those skills as a HOD. Being able to teach TOK would be a plus. Alternatively, they need to be confident teaching in the lower secondary an integrated humanities course.  

  • Diploma Coordinator (beginning July 2020)

    • The Diploma coordinator must be an experienced teacher and a good practitioner in their subject. Ideally, they will also have experience as a DP coordinator. They will be part of the Secondary leadership team and in charge of the pastoral a curricular side of the DP students. An understanding/interest in MYP is a plus. They must have a whole school vision. The DP coordinator will teach a reduced timetable of around 15 periods. Hence they need to be able to fill one of the other vacancies available (teaching some history or Business, TOK, Biology or Maths) Any other subject will not do and they must be excellent practitioners of their subject as they will be crucial to strengthening those subjects.

*Additional post of responsibility would be available for anyone with strong pastoral experience (to be a Year level Leader in charge of a group of tutors) or Experience with the MYP Community project. 


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