PYP 5 to MYP 3

Pupils should have their own laptop which will allow them to navigate the internet and

use different features on Google Drive. Children need a simple notebook/laptop (no iPads or tablets please) that can connect to the internet. They will be mainly working on word processing, slides and spreadsheets

(all on google drive - no need for any specific programmes) and accessing the internet. Simple Chromebooks, for example, are enough for PYP 5 to 8. Please be sure laptops have a protective case.


MYP 4 and MYP 5

Computers must be able to meet with IB system requirements. This is because they

will use their own devices for e-assessment exams. Please consult the requirements here. In addition to

the laptop, they must have a pair of earphones which cannot be Bluetooth technology. Please be sure laptops have a protective case.

PYP 1 to 4

Pupils should have a tablet. Tablets make it easier for children to access apps and resources independently. The tablet will need enough memory for at least the following apps: Seesaw,

Kids A-Z, Phonics hero, Mathletics, google drive, gmail, gsuite and a few others. 3GB memory or more recommended. They fill up fast! Please be sure tablets have a protective case.


Students from all Year Levels will need to have their own devices as of August 2020. See below the requirements: