St. Francis College offers a wide range of physical activities and sports to students in the Early Years, Primary and Secondary, both within the P.E. curriculum and during extra-curricular sports activities (ECAs).

Physical Education:


Lessons in physical education aim to promote physical, social and emotional development along with critical thinking. Taken into consideration individual pace, progress and background, as well as the group's characteristics, needs and interests. Differentiated activities and cooperative learning opportunities are offered and cultural exchange is encouraged. A safe and inclusive environment is provided, that allows the pupils to experience challenging and enjoyable physical activities while learning about the benefits and importance of exercise.

The College has a House System comprising every student from PYP 5 to DP 2. The system is used to encourage loyalty and responsibility and House spirit. Sports competitions also make use of the House System. There are three Houses: Condors, Eagles and Falcons. Students are assigned a House as soon as they start PYP 5 or on their first week of school if they start in a different year. Brothers and sisters will always belong to the same House.

Our DP2 students that run the "hawk Shop" sell House shirts. 



Extra curricular sports programme:


  • In EY and Primary, students are offered a wide range of physical activities and sports in a safe and inclusive environment: multi-sports, yoga, fencing, capoeira, judo, artistic gymnastics, skateboarding and football. 

  • In Secondary, the sports ECAs gain a more competitive approach and our athletes participate in festivals, tournaments and championships in International and Brazilian schools leagues. Individual sports such as judo, fencing, gymnastics are gradually growing, while team sports such as volleyball, basketball and football are the main focus of the sports programme. International camps and tournaments in Argentina, Sweden, Finland and USA have recently become part of St. Francis International sports trips programme.


You can visit our SPORTS BLOG to see the latest pictures and results of our games.