Parents Role & Communication


Close communication between home and school is essential to the success of our pupils. At St. Francis College we strive to achieve this by communicating with parents in a variety of ways:



The pupil’s diary is a two-way communication tool between parents and the College. Diaries are given to pupils on their first day of school, and pupils are expected to have their diary with them at all times. The diary is to be used as the primary means of communication between parents and teachers.


The St. Francis Bulletin is a fortnightly report on the main events and highlights of the school. It’s sent to parents via email and also can be downloaded here on our website. Read more about the Bulletin and our Social Media under the "Bulletin & SN" drop down here on our website.


In Early Years and Primary, at the beginning of every week, class teachers post blogs outlining what will be covered in class and the week´s homework.

Social Media

Another strong communications platform for us has become our Social Media pages. These pages are open to the public, so many sensitive matters and pictures will only be shared in our Bulletin. Nevertheless, our Facebook and Instagram pages do share on almost a daily basis what has been happening at school. It also announces upcoming events, plays, sport events and results and more.

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Parents will be sent emails from the College reminding them of important upcoming events and field trips. It is important that parents check these on a regular basis. It is also important for parents to inform the College of any changes to their email addresses. This ensures that we update our databases so that parents are able to receive all communication from the College.