St. Francis College offers a challenging educational programme through inquiry-based instruction with rigorous assessment. We strive for excellence, providing a warm and friendly community committed to the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate (IB).


We empower pupils

  • to be passionate lifelong learners.

  • to achieve academic and personal excellence.

  • to be committed to impact the world positively.

We believe that

  • pupils have the potential to develop in all areas within a well thought-out, balanced and stimulating curriculum.

  • everyone in the community has an important role to play in achieving our mission.

  • learning is achieved best through inquiry, significant experimentation and meaningful problem-solving.

  • pupils develop best in the environment of a safe supportive community.

  • pupils are unique and active agents in their own learning.

  • teachers are active leaders and role models who guide pupils to achieve their innate potential.

  • pupils should respect and understand their home culture and heritage and those of others.

  • acquiring fluency in English and Portuguese and developing pupils' mother tongue are all crucial.



Pupils will

  • be responsible independent learners and critical thinkers who strive for excellence.

  • acquire and apply the IB learner profile attributes.

  • understand their needs and those of the school community, and take appropriate action.